Reopening? How to make your project successful

Hotels reopening and renovationsRenovations to hotels are multi-step processes that take time. At the same time, renovating and revitalizing the image of your hotel must be a creative process that will increase profits in the long run. 

The most common challenges of renovating a hotel include integrating current standards into an old building, dealing with short downtimes, and dealing with unknown conditions that can affect your budget. These are just a few things to consider.  

The following renovation ideas will ensure your hotel guests enjoy a memorable stay and increase your revenue.   

Select a Renovation Company

You should carefully choose your renovation company. You will need to find general contractors with experience in renovating hotels. This is nonnegotiable. You need to work with contractors who have the know-how to deal with problems that can disrupt the guest experience, such as the noise of demolitions that reverberate throughout the hotel. 

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Using a referral network can make the process of selection much easier. Based on the HomeAdvisor reviews, this network works to ensure that clients get exactly what they need from a professional contractor. For example, they have an extensive prescreening evaluation process for service professionals based on four criteria: valuation, communication, valuation, and convenience.

It is better for your hotel to select a professional service company from a network like this rather than selecting one randomly.  

After you hire the right renovation company, remember to coordinate communication between the hotel establishment and the general contractor.  

Renovations Before Reopening

In the hotel business, if a hotel is closed for a significant period, renovations are a necessity. 

With many Americans planning to travel again, hotels are reopening all across the country. Many had to close after the pandemic broke out last year for various reasons. Some closed because of state-imposed quarantine restrictions to slow the spread of the virus. Others closed because a significant drop in guest bookings made it too expensive to keep the doors open. 

Since the country and the hospitality industry are now recovering after the distribution of vaccinations has made travel safe once again, renovating a hotel before its reopening, catching up on any necessary repairs, is always a good idea. As a result, the hotel will be able to deliver on its promise of bringing comfort and convenience to its guests. 

Decide When to Renovate 

After the hospitality industry struggled in 2020, your hotel may be ready to throw open its doors again, but decide if this would also be the best time to renovate. If the renovations disrupt the guest experience, the renovation may need to be postponed to the slow season. 

Also, choosing the date of your project is just one part of planning. It is also important to know when the construction will be finished. Your timetable should be determined by many factors, such as the weather, disruptions in hotel operations, and the quality of the guest experience. 

Creating a realistic timetable helps define the timing of the authorization process, too, such as the selection of the new construction team, the design and architectural specifications, the project financing and procurement, and the construction work.

Things to Keep in Mind

To wrap it up, here are three other things to consider about renovating your hotel:

First, inform all stakeholders about renovations. For a hotel or resort renovation to be successful, all stakeholders need to be aware of the plan and the unique challenges it presents. 

Next, be as thorough as possible when planning. Do not allow guests to enter work areas. You can keep guests safe from accidents by setting up the renovations in such a way that each floor is renovated one at a time. 

Finally, consider if it is necessary to contact community influencers about the proposed changes to your hotel. Remodeling can sometimes have a profound impact on the local economy and culture. Many projects, especially historical hotel renovations, have a special significance in the eyes of neighbors, residents, and authorities, and getting the local people on your side is crucial to a successful project.

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