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Quality Management – more than just a questionnaire

quality managementSome may dismiss the classic hotel questionnaire as an outmoded feedback tool. But fact is that it has not lost its relevance. Guests answer hotel questionnaires while waiting in the check-in hall, on the train ride or while queuing in the supermarket.

For hoteliers, questionnaire systems have become an indispensable standard. But a modern questionnaire system does not only have the task of checking quality management! A modern integrated system fulfils many tasks at once. Here are some of them.

Anonymised questionnaires are the past

Anonymised questionnaire results are an absolute no-go. For a high-quality evaluation, it is absolutely necessary to know who is giving feedback. After all, the evaluation is about analysing how the respective core target group of my hotel evaluates the product. Only if the management knows who has given feedback and how the different target groups behave, correct analiyzes are possible. If, for example, Business Travellers are the main target group, the feedback from leisure travellers less significant. If the guests can be classified by means of a customer value analysis, such as the RFM analysis, the statements of regular guests are to be rated higher than those of one-time customers.

Generate guest knowledge

A response in the questionnaire often also equates to a specific interest, such as rating the spa or restaurant. Answers can be converted into valuable guest knowledge. This way you automatically learn more about your guests every day. You can then use this unique knowledge stored in the central guest profile along the customer journey.

Customer acquisition

You should not only collect feedback, but also distribute it. Google, TripAdvisor and Holidaycheck often form a central element in the purchase decision. Therefore, a high list position is indispensable to increase new customer acquisition. This requires many current good reviews. You can achieve this by making it easy for consumers to submit reviews. A simple question or link is not effective here. For this reason, many systems offer interfaces to the most important portals, eliminating the need to register or create a profile. The result is a high number of feedbacks, combined with a higher credibility and a better listing.

Clear management decisions with the two-component approach

Almost all hotel questionnaires today lack the question about importance. In order to increase the significance, however, the question of importance should be integrated into the component of the queried area. In market research, this is called the two-component approach. The question about the greatest need for action, for example, cannot be answered sustainably without the two-component approach. The following example makes this clear:

Example: How important are the following areas to you?

  • Fitness
  • Spa
  • Bar
  • Restaurant

Linked to the question of satisfaction and linked to the core target group, management can use the two-component approach to make a clear statement in which areas to invest and where not.

Author – Dr. Michael Toedt Read the full story: https://www.dailypoint.com/questionnaire-system/


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