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How to reassure your guests that they are safe

The Corona virus (Covid-19) panic has well and truly reached the hospitality and travel sector.  Hotels have reached out to us already that they are experiencing cancellations and an all-time low for what we already call the low season. 

In this article, we would like to provide you with some guidelines on how to effectively communicate with your guests during these times and how to make them feel safe.

  • Train your staff – have a common understanding of how to handle this situation and how to assure guests that your hotel is safe.
  • Talk facts, keep yourself up-to-date. Make sure your sources are trustworthy. Remember, that the virus is only serious if you are very old/have serious health issues. (we provided some links below)
  • Don’t assume that information creates informedness. Make sure your guests have access to trustworthy media. Here is how to communicate effectively
  • Have some informational leaflets or posters lying around about how to behave properly – Vampire Cough, wash hands, etc. (you can download one of these 1. 2. 3. )
  • Facemasks are a total waste of money (unless you are already infected) Here is what the World Health Organization has to say about this.
  • Have some alcoholic wipes or sanitizer in the common areas, just to make your guests feel comfortable
  • Using technology to avoid human contact might be a good decision
  • Catering meals to rooms could be an idea – in order to avoid human contact
  • Keep your (social) media up to date, inform those who are not yet at your hotel that it is safe.
  • Pay attention to your employee’s needs
  • Be part of the solution – communicate with local healthcare authorities and ask their advice if needed
  • Ensure that your supply chain will function properly, communicate with your partners
  • If you are still short on guests and have time on your hand, then do what you have been planning to do to enhance your business/hotel. Maybe implement a new solution, or update your photos, or put together your plan for the high season
  • Most importantly: do not panic, keep your personal well-being and mental health in mind!

Some trustworthy resources:

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
World Health Organization
USA – Center for Disease Control and Prevention
How to lead your business during the Corona panic
How to prevent Corona

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