5 trends reshaping the way luxury travelers book accommodations

5 trends that are reshaping the way luxury travelers book accommodations
5 trends that are reshaping the way luxury travelers book accommodations

Technology is changing the world, one day at a time. It advances faster than anyone could have predicted. There are constantly new technologies being developed to make life easier in every industry. Technology reaches into the world of business and helps make it run more smoothly, and now it’s influencing the hotel industry.

Accommodations around the world have begun to rely on improved technology to make their businesses more efficient and more personal for their clients. Hotel guests use technology every day, so it seems strange to encounter a hotel that’s offering a home away from home without the tech they’re used to.

One area that’s bound to be affected — and improved — by such advancements will be the luxury hotel booking process. Here are five examples of how tech will reshape the booking process for luxury travelers and, eventually, travelers everywhere. This tech will streamline the booking process so clients and hotels can be served at the same time.

1. Chatbot Help

While there may be staff members dedicated to responding to customer service emails, that’s not always the fastest way to communicate with clients. Instead, many hotels are implementing chatbots. They help personalize the booking experience by being available whenever a client is on your website. Plus, they can answer many of the generic questions that guests have as they book. Everyone saves time so the entire experience is more efficient.

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2. Virtual Reality

Guests are always curious to know what their room will look like before they arrive at their hotel. They’re paying for a luxury experience, so they want to know what they can look forward to. In the past, they may have looked through a few standard pictures of a model room on a hotel website, but now there’s virtual reality.

Virtual reality allows guests to view 3D interactive rooms. They can tour the living area and the bathroom to make sure it’s what they want, plus any extra space in their luxury suite. They can also tour the amenities and grounds. Giving guests the ability to explore the hotel like this before they arrive provides a greater satisfaction guarantee. They’ll know what they can expect and what their money is really getting them.

3. Smart Phone Apps

Almost everyone has a smartphone, which means that clients will learn to expect their favorite businesses to have apps. A hotel app allows them to view amenities and features on the go, while keeping track of their bookings and even rewards points.

Booking through a mobile app gives everyone a better experience Clients can easily save rates they’re interested in and look back later without having to sit in front of a computer. It also provides luxury hotels a platform to reach each individual guest. There’s no need to pay for a third-party program to install in the hotel and hook up to a cloud system if you can serve guests directly through an app.

4. Digital Check-In and Keys

Once a guest books their room, they have a lot on their mind. Traveling is always a big deal, and it doesn’t always go according to plan. They may not arrive on time to check in or they may even be too early to check in at the front desk. With technology, guests can avoid all these problems and skip the front desk entirely.

Guests can now use their phones to breeze through the lobby and up to their assigned room once they arrive. If they download the hotel’s app, they can use their smartphone to check in and unlock their door at the same time. They could also check in on the road, which would allow them to unpack once they arrive and let go of any travel stress.

5. Improved Personalization

Whether guests book through an app or directly through a hotel’s website, technology makes it easy for luxury hotels to remember what guests like. From extra towels to pillows to their favorite minibar snacks, everything will be just the way guests like it when they arrive. It’s a simple step for hotels to take to build brand loyalty with guests. Part of the luxury they’re paying for will be the hotel remembering their past visits and serving them how they like.

These tech trends all change the way guests experience the booking process. It makes the entire experience more personalized, which will make more guests comfortable with paying luxury prices. They’ll feel remembered and cared for. Look into implementing some of these technologies in your own luxury hotel. Track guest experience after the tech is installed and compare it to before. You’ll quickly see how much tech will change the game when it comes to booking, benefiting hotels and guests alike.

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