How to be two steps ahead in anticipating your hotel guests’ needs

welcomeThe hospitality business is constantly changing to suit the needs and expectations of the guests. And to be the best fit for their clients, hotels are constantly searching for the ways to please their quests even before any questions or requests may arise.

The hotel industry is one of the most profitable, bringing almost 500,000 billion dollars a year globally. To stay relevant, hotels spend a lot of money to attract more people, including improving staff’s work and investing in hotel design modernizations to make hotel rooms more suitable to the needs of their guests.

Room designs are what people judge the hotel by. For the guests the rooms they are staying in are a kind of part-time homes, so making them as hospitable as possible is crucial to the success of a hotel.

So how can you anticipate the needs of your guests in terms of room design and the work of the hotel’s staff? Let’s take a look at some tips.

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Tip #1: Provide high-speed Internet access

In the modern world, the access to the Internet should be provided everywhere, including the hotels, where people often have to work while staying in their rooms. Reportedly, 89.6% of the visitors say that is very important to have an access to a good room Wi-Fi.

By providing flawless Wi-Fi connection you anticipate the needs of your guests to keep up with any updates concerning their work or other personal needs. But remember that each room needs to have individual access to the Internet, and so should the restaurant and lobby at the hotel. Many guests don’t want to leave the hotel in search of a café with a free Wi-Fi to get a job done. So keep it under control.

Tip #2: Go green

The reason why hotels should go green lies beyond many factors, including changes in consumer preferences. As many people try to contribute to making the usage of the resources more sustainable, all hotels should follow this tendency too.

You should be ready to meet and greet the guests who are concerned with environmental issues. However, it is also necessary to educate other guests about being more environmentally friendly too.

Experts also support this idea. “Why not remind your guests to be more conscious about using the resources?” says Rachel Adams, an HR manager at A-writer, EssayonTime and former hotel receptionist. “Central Park Hotel installed small 5-minute hourglasses in the showers to remind their guests about excessive water consumption. It shows how much you care about the environment.”

Tip #3: Change the bed size

It’s common knowledge that rooms with full-sized beds are often pricier than those with smaller queen-sized beds. And while many people want to save some money when booking a hotel room, it would be nice of you to offer them more rooms with available options offering queen-sized beds.

And, of course, when choosing bed sheets for the guest rooms, go only with linen. This fabric is light, breathable and prevents allergies. So don’t be stingy when choosing bed clothing for the guest rooms.

Tip #4: Bring more bright colours

Hotels prefer using pastel colors and warm tones when designing guest rooms, but some resources say that it’s time to go bold on colour. Besides, experts also claim that millennials go after brighter and bolder designs.

You can add green, yellow and other brighter elements to the décor, as long as they complement the whole concept of the hotel. Remember that shade and saturation of the colour can change how the whole room looks so the choice of how you add certain colours may vary in each room.

Tip #5: Go minimal

Minimalism is the most widespread trend in popular design. But it implies not only going minimal in décor, it also includes changes in lifestyle and mindset. Many people choose a minimal way of life, preferring surrounding themselves with less.

Minimalism makes any room more spacious and less crowded with little unnecessary details. Besides, it will be easier to keep it clean and ready for guests to arrive. Also, instead of investing in small elements of décor, you can invest more in useful room technology like better climate control and other useful features.

Choosing to opt for minimalism in room décor also goes hand in hand with being more environmentally conscious and sustainable use of resources. If you choose to go minimalist in hotel room décor and the whole hotel design, it will attract people of various age categories, from millennials to older generations.

And one more thing…

To conclude the topic of anticipating guests’ needs in your hotel, it’s important to remind you that it is very important to keep being updated about the latest trends in technology. You don’t want to be caught off balance about any innovations and whether your hotel has them or not. Don’t be afraid to invest in new hotel technology trends, and you’ll always have something to impress your guests with.

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