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Ephemeral content: 4 ways to up your hospitality game

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Without any doubt, the latest feature of the most popular social platform has changed the game for mundane Instagrammers as well as businesses, corporations, and celebrities. What’s more important, using stories in a variety of ways it’s becoming sort of a trend. And in today’s world of social media, when something becomes trendy the tendency is to ride the wave as far as possible.

Instagram stories have tremendously helped small businesses as well as large corporations and companies to boost traffic, improve product placement and get their audience better acquainted with the brand, their agendas, etc. It doesn’t really matter if you approve or disapprove the implementation of buzz phrases such as “ephemeral content”, the point is that these trendy features could up your hospitality game tremendously. So let’s go right into that and elaborate on how to do it exactly.

Daily menu

Many hotels and restaurants love posting ephemeral content that shows their daily menu, a special dish or delicacy. The fact that Instagram stories allow you to post content for 24 hours, goes hand to hand with the daily menu concept and with your advertisement strategy.

People that are in the hospitality business for a while know that daily menu emphasizes the unique assortment of dishes for that day in particular and that it shouldn’t be similar to any other day in the week. Although this goes without saying, some entrepreneurs manage to misunderstand the general rules for promoting a business of this sort.  Posting a story that shows a couple of satisfied customers leaving your restaurant on that day, or revealing a full list of daily menu items will allow you to attract more people to your restaurant, and in time, make a name for yourself.

Events and promotions

Another way Instagram stories help hospitality businessmen promote their brand is by allowing them to post events, promotions and other special offers that they provide. Their audience is eager to see new things in their favorite restaurant, and the best way to deliver is via social media.

By arranging a schedule of monthly events, revealing a hint of the theme, advertising your booking app and covering those events you can too increase your guest list and revenue. While focusing on social media photo quality your content should also be informative enough to let them know what type of event is it and why they shouldn’t miss it. Try focusing on the local audience and expand your reach just barely beyond those limits. This will lure everyone in the vicinity and farther into your restaurant.

Special moments

Every motel, hotel or restaurant owner witnessed a couple of special moment when everything was in absolute order, guests were more than satisfied and the staff did everything right to make the moment last. And if the moment was immortalized with a couple of snaps and quality videos, they’d be able to share it with the those less fortunate to be there. And having a cleverly designed interior, a welcoming atmosphere and warm staff will allow you to stand out and add to the quality of those moments.

Using Instagram stories for sharing this type of content will allow your guests can relive these moments and share their thoughts and emotions which will help you expand your audience, increase your guest list and bring even more fame to your name. When using stories to promote this type of content on a regular basis, try to mix it up a bit change a couple of photos or edit the video to make it even more interesting. Add effects that emphasize the quality of the atmosphere and your services. It also gives your wider audience an inside look of the good time they can have in your restaurant.

A brand new look

Redecorating or adding a new section in your restaurant means a lot for your customers, and therefore for your business as well. Adding a sushi or sashimi bar, new cooking equipment or a new theme to the restaurant is something that your guest will definitely appreciate. And what’s the best way to learn about it? With Instagram stories of course. By promoting your restaurant’s new features with this ephemeral content you’ll rely on your audience’s fear of missing out and the quality of your services. You can promote upcoming changes, keep them posted and build on the anticipation to maximize the effect of the post.

Let them know what will be included with these new services, which types of special meals and delicacies are available and add a little bio section of your new staff. They’ll love to meet your new chefs and learn something new about the delicacies they brought. And finally, make sure to add invitations, tags, and effects to your stories.

To conclude

The success of your business relies on many things some of which include your strategy, quality of services, advertisement budget, and your reach. The more people hear about you, the better. And as we’ve learned, one of the best ways to get that reach is via Instagram stories and social media in general. Learning how to advertise, which techniques to use and tools mean a great deal for your hospitality game. So before developing a strategy, make sure that you understand how to use these cool new features on social media and you’ll definitely see some progress.

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