Apps that every business traveller should have

I would like to start this article by saying that although this piece is aimed at business travellers, almost all of the Apps apply to travellers in general too. So, now we have that cleared up, let us begin.

As a business traveller, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to make moving from one place to another as easy as possible. You also want to be able to access everything as efficiently as possible. Constantly being on the move and flying a lot, is after all, very stressful. So let’s take a look at the Apps that will help you to make your travelling as stress free as possible and those which will help you be more effective while away from the office.

Google Drive

We all know that when on the move it is essential to have ease of access to all the relevant information that you need. Presentations, spreadsheets, sales presentations, whatever your position or role demands.

GoogleDrive 1

Google Drive is a quick and efficient way of storing all your data and gaining access to it no matter where you in the world. I was surprised this week when one of my colleagues came into my office and said “wow, I have only just realised you can upload anything you want to Google Drive”.

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This is perhaps something that a lot of people still do not realise. Of course, not all companies allow you to use Google Drive or transfer information to it, but, in this case they should give you an alternative. If they don’t, then highlight this and make it a priority in order to facilitate this kind of access to you so you can do you job properly.


Revolut is a company that was established just two years ago and has taken the world of finance by storm. Having a Revolut card in your wallet as a traveller of any kind, is a huge advantage.

RevolutIt really couldn’t be easier to get one. Simply download the app and order your card. Simple. The advantages if you upgrade to a paid premium card, or even better the metal card, for travellers, are fantastic.

You get; A free UK current account, free Euro IBAN account. You can spend in over 150 currencies at the interbank exchange rate, unlimited exchange in 24 fiat currencies – no monthly limit, no fee ATM withdrawals up to a certain amount per month, overseas medical insurance, delayed baggage & delayed flight insurance, instant access to 5 cryptocurrencies, exclusive concierge service, disposable virtual cards for online transactions and up to 0.1% cashback within Europe and up to 1% outside Europe on all card payments.

It is essentially a pre-pay card at its core, but it will soon be more than just that, with credit services coming soon and all the above benefits, well, pretty good right?


Of course this is one that we have all heard of, or at least most of us have at least. Whether what you know about the company is good or bad, you cannot deny the ease at which it allows you to book a usually cheap ride in a large number of cities right across the world now.

All you have to do is download the Uber App onto your device and load your card onto it (and yes that includes your Revolut card) and away you go. Easy to use and all with the convenience of not having to search for local companies and storing lots of different apps for different companies. Until someone comes up with an alternative, this really is the market leader to have on your device.

Google Maps

When you arrive in a new or unfamiliar city, Google maps can help you keep that meeting time or appointment. Actually these days it comes as standard on most android based phones so you should already have it. If not it can easily be downloaded to your phone in just a couple of taps.

The newest feature of Google Maps is also one that can really help business travellers out of a sticky situation. It now delivers you up to the minute information on traffic jams, giving you plenty of alternative routes. Of course you can also use it to check out the street where your meeting will be held, before you get there, so you know what you are looking for.

VPN Services

VPN’s (Virtual Private Network’s) are, in my opinion, most commonly known for being able to keep your privacy when surfing the net. Or perhaps, for accessing TV channels from your home country when abroad. But as a business traveller they could be essential if you need to access a ‘home network’ belonging to your company.

VPNBy doing this you will be able to have access to all the records you need or sensitive data that is only stored on the company servers. So this is really an essential for any business traveller.


This one is also an obvious I think. For being able to quickly conference in with colleagues, exchange texts or information, Skype really can’t be beaten. Although there are alternatives out there, some of which are a preference to some people.

SkypeSkype still dominates the market for me, and since being taken over by Microsoft, it is hard to beat on reliability. Of course it also gives you the ability to stay in touch with the family or loved one that are missing you back home. Easily downloaded and quick to set up, Skype closes the gaps created when constantly on the move.

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