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The Ameswell announces plan to become carbon neutral

The Ameswell Hotel, a new design and technology-oriented independent hotel located in the heart of Mountain View, California, todayThe Ameswell announces its plan to become carbon neutral by the year 2024. Following its recent recognition as the newest hotel in California to be awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the hotel’s initiative to become carbon neutral will coincide with existing efforts since the hotel’s inception for a sustainable future, with the goal to become the most sustainable hotel in the Bay Area.   Following a greenhouse gas emissions inventory assessment by Zenith Energy, a company specializing in energy procurement, The Ameswell is committed to reducing Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions with respect to its 2022 baseline, setting a new green standard for all hotels in California to aspire to reach.  “From inception, the intent of The Ameswell was to be much more than just the greenest hotel in Silicon Valley. By focusing on eco-friendly practices in everything we do, we committed ourselves to be stewards in this emerging sustainable economy,” said Ru Paster, The Ameswell’s General Manager. “The goal of carbon neutrality is based on our collective environmental values and it’s now becoming a reality. However, we understand the magnitude of the challenge, and offsetting our carbon emissions is just one small step. Our commitment to action remains strong and we hope our efforts benefit our surrounding communities and reduce the potential impact of climate change.”

Since opening in 2021, The Ameswell has placed a large emphasis on sustainability, quickly emerging as one of the greenest hotels in Silicon Valley. Their commitment to reducing single-use plastics and incorporating solar power were some of the first unique aspects that embodied their initial sustainability efforts. In an effort to further that distinction, the hotel has recently been awarded LEED Silver Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which was an important step as part of its comprehensive sustainability program. The certification is founded upon a number of construction and design features that have a positive impact on the project and surrounding communities. These include:
  • Drought-resistant and water-efficient landscaping
  • The use of low-emitting greener materials throughout the construction of the hotel, including the flooring systems, adhesives and sealants, and much more
  • Reducing hotel water usage by 35%
  • Eco-friendly, compostable items like our recyclable cups, biodegradable food containers
  • Offering Juice Beauty bath amenities as the in-room product, which are 100% organic
  • Going solar with the installation of solar panels on our rooftop
  • Optimizing energy performance by 26%

In an effort to reduce carbon emissions, the property has made a commitment to zero single-use plastic (eliminating 96% of single-use plastics on-site since opening), while the expansive 10-acre property, which saved hundreds of trees during the development process, features solar panels that power its LED lighting, 12 electric car charging stations, and over 26 varieties of indigenous trees, plants and flowers outdoors. New practices to reduce carbon emissions include limiting the number of hotel deliveries per week to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, along with planting a new herb garden on April 21 in celebration of Earth Day.

At the destination bar and restaurant, Roger, advanced technology is used from end to end to reduce food waste, while partnerships with local farms, ranches, and dairies reduce gas emissions of long-distance food transportation. In the kitchen, the team has partnered with FiltaFry Service to lower their cooking oil usage and recycle it into Biodiesel, significantly reducing their environmental impact. In a three-month period alone, The Ameswell’s reduced cooking oil usage saved 1,850 pounds of oil, reducing 7,040 pounds of greenhouse gases, which has the same effect as planting 351 trees. High-tech cooking equipment is also utilized from prep work to finished dishes, with machines assisting with knifework in the form of rotary slicing and dicing, while a series of conveyer belts and timers limit the overcooking of food items, which allows for a high level of accuracy and rids the kitchen of any waste.     With a commitment to sustainability in many forms, the property also features hyper-efficient heating and cooling; LED lighting throughout; and organic soaps/shampoos/lotions (the first hotel to feature organic, Sonoma-based Juice Beauty (same brand behind Goop’s products) as the in-room product). Additionally, the hotel has direct access to the Steven’s Creek Trail to encourage biking and walking throughout Silicon Valley and the surrounding corporate campuses (such as Google, Apple, and Facebook headquarters), while the outdoor Event Lawn is covered in life-like astroturf, eliminating the need for excessive watering.

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