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Argyle Hotel’s new ecommerce platform for Chinese consumers

Showcasing the finest Australian hospitality and products at the second annual China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai this week, Argyle Hotel Group, Australia’s largest hotel management company, has signed a strategic MOU with Australia Post to expand access to premium Australian-made goods for Chinese consumers through its innovative e-commerce platform and collaboration on logistics services. 

Argyle Hotel's new ecommerce platform for Chinese consumers
Argyle Hotel’s new ecommerce platform for Chinese consumers

Chinese consumers have long viewed Australian-made goods as authentic, natural, and premium quality products. With over 140 properties under management across Asia-Pacific and operations in China since 2005, Argyle Hotels has also built a strong brand on brining this renowned Australian hospitality and quality to consumers. The Group offers a convenient portal for its current and potential clientele to access Australian goods through its “Bondi Shack” platform, for a more authentic Australian experience. Since March 2017, Bondi Shack has been providing both an e-commerce portal for online ordering, as well as an experience center housed in many of Argyle’s hotels, where Chinese consumers can browse and trial premium Australian-made products.

To build on this offering, on the afternoon of November 6, Argyle Hotel Group and Australia Post held a signing ceremony at CIIE to commemorate their new strategic partnership. The agreement outlines new modes of cooperation, with Australia Post to provide reliable logistics and distribution services for Argyle’s Bondi Shack e-commerce platform, as well as a robust order management system. As two of the most trusted brands in Australia, the companies will roll out an “Internet + cross border purchase” mode for Bondi Shack, and aim for future cooperation in commodity logistics and distribution, as well as additional cross-border e-commerce opportunities.

Kevin Zhang, CEO of Argyle Hotel Group said: “While the traditional hotel model easily bumps up against a revenue ceiling, Argyle Hotel Group also reaches beyond that into the deeper consumer experience, providing premium retail with trusted partners, which nurtures a community of loyal consumers. The result is a healthy lifestyle ecosystem that drives sales of consumer goods on our platform.” It can be said that “Bondi Shack” is engaging customers with cross-border integration and value sharing through both the online and offline experience of Australian premium products.

The new partnership launched at an important time for Australian businesses in China. The agreement was signed just as Australian Trade Minister Simon Birmingham opened the Australia House business hub in Shanghai on Wednesday. Leading a delegation of over 200 Australian companies participating in the expo, Birmingham noted that Australia’s two-way trade with China is at record levels and growing across product categories. “Our strong representation at this year’s CIIE reaffirms the importance of this mutually beneficial relationship which has opened new doors for Australian businesses and created thousands of extra Australian jobs,” said Birmingham in a media release.

The signing of this MOU between Argyle Hotel Group and Australia Post will help deepen cooperation between China and Australia in logistics and e-commerce platforms, as well as familiarity with trade policies between China and Australia. This knowledge will contribute to building more Australian brands in China, and expanding access to Australian goods and services for Chinese consumers both at home and abroad.

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