Matthew Stephens
Managing Director

About Matthew Stephens:

I am passionate about supporting self-paced professional development for current and aspiring leaders around the world.

Business and career success requires continual learning, from the latest trends, insights, and news to online education from line staff to the executive level. Whether you have been to school or university, completed an MBA or landed in an industry unintentionally, to succeed and grow requires passion supported by learning.

eHotelier provides the structured framework to support yours and your team’s professional growth through online resources and professional development programs created in collaboration with industry leaders and curated by academics, customizable to your organization’s standards and requirements.

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rostering staff

Rostering as a strategic asset for tomorrow’s hotel management

Rostering staff in tourism and hospitality can be complex, due to the variety of working hours, shifts, award conditions and staff budgets The future belongs to those who recognize the...

Proactively ensuring regulatory compliance for hotel managers

By prioritising compliance, we uphold guest safety, mitigate risks, protect our hotel's reputation, and contribute to environmental sustainability. Compliance also ensures a fair and inclusive workplace, strengthens our legal and...

Why baselining your leaders’ skill set is critical for business success

In the hospitality industry, a hotel's success often hinges on the strength of its leadership team. This team's ability to effectively manage areas like human resources, finance, revenue management, marketing,...
Strategic training

Is your training tactical or strategic?

While tactical and strategic training have their merits, the true power lies in combining them.


7 travel marketing trends for 2022

Now that restrictions are easing and travel is beginning to return we discuss the opportunities for hotels to rethink their marketing, revenue management and sales.
Bärbel Pfeiffer

The paradox of hotel marketing

We say we are in the hospitality industry. We say we care about service, but our conversations spin around investing, real estate and interior design.



Rebuilding traveler trust and optimising revenue during COVID recovery

Confronting the COVID-19 challenge webinar with Cendyn

Confronting the COVID-19 challenge

Bringing order to chaos