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What to consider before the launch of your e-Learning course

We all know how important it is to have a set of fresh eyes take a look of your work prior to publishing it online. Thus, when it is time to launch the e-learning course you’ve developed, you will find a great deal of benefits by having someone review it. By doing so the person may be able to catch any mistakes that have been overlooked.

Sometimes there may be just simple errors. Some examples of them include broken links, typos, grammatical errors. But there are also larger issues when it comes to the technical aspects. Thus, it is always better to have a person take a look of it from a fresh perspective to make sure there are no mistakes left when it comes time for launch.

So, since this process is quite hard and can take a great deal of fear, insecurity, and irritation, we compiled a list of things to take a look for prior to launching your e-learning course.

Is it clear how the navigation works?

The learner should have an easy time getting from point A to point B, C, etc. You don’t need to provide too much instructions, but you should make sure there is clarity with the navigation in the e-Learning course.

Are the instructions correct?

For every instance where you would need the learner do something particular, you should have provided the proper instructions that explain how this is done. This is even more vital for instances where you need the learner make some choice or do a particular interaction with the content.

Make sure the course isn’t going overboard on design

If you need to write detailed instructions or even a whole training module on how the platform is used, that is a hint that you need to revise the design. The structure and the navigation should be clear for the user. Listen to learners or reviewers if they have complaints about the structure. Yes, it may seem obvious to you, but you know what your intentions is – the learners don’t.

Watch how the learner handles the course

The simple review of the structure and the material misses one vital point – the process of interaction itself. You’d do better if you have the leaner go through the course. If possible, watch them do so and see how they interact with it.

Are the learning objectives met?

You should try to answer that question on the first steps. Its better to test the effectiveness of the course prior to designing it. But all-in-all, you need to make sure the product gives the learners some results. Also, will the assessment provide the data for the instructors to improve the course.

Ensure accuracy

Data can change while you are developing the course. For instance, some regulations may change right before launch. So, you should put extra attention at the accuracy of the course you are planning to launch.

Have you uploaded all the content

Make sure you’ve covered and filled all gaps there might be. The content should be full and comprehensive. You need to look in detail whether there are some mistakes, misconceptions, or gaps in the content. After all, the least you want is the learner to find that some vital aspect is missing.

Typos, errors

This is a vital thing to pay attention to. Correct any typos and grammatical errors. Sure, when you look at the content again and again, it becomes easy to miss a thing. So, try to have an outside fresh view of the content to ensure correctness.

Links, external resources

Are they working? Does any link lead to where it is supposed to? Are the external resources properly implemented? Have you provided proper contact data? Make sure to take a look of any outside content that should be in place and working.

Do you have a clear vision of who the learners are and all the required resources?

Have you looked at as many resources as possible? Have you made sure to include all the relevant details in the course? Does the course cover all the necessary information? Have you taken into consideration the newest resources? Make sure to take a look at the general picture and see if there are any required resources you haven’t used.

Also, one thing you should have had taken a note of prior to the design process – do you clearly understand who the learners will be. The idea to include it here is to connect it to the next step of the process – targeting the information about the course online to the learners who may want to use it. If you don’t know which are the learners who will benefit from the course, you cannot target it towards them.

Localizing content

Do you need to localize the content? This may come costly and may need a lot of time. So, make sure you know the answer to that question. Also, understand how to implement the localization, how to undertake that process, and what other considerations should be taken into account if you wish to translate the course.


There are numerous things that need to be considered when one is implementing an e-Learning course. You are probably familiar with the steps in the beginning, you may have even finished those first steps. But launching a product takes great deal of attention. Thus, you need to make sure you’ve covered all the ground. Take the time to review the course and answer the questions we provided above.

Research carefully and make sure you’ve compiled a useful product that will benefit the clients. That way the learners will be satisfied, and your course will get good reviews which will then lead to more learners coming aboard. We would be deeply happy if we managed to help you in this tough and time-consuming process.

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