Indiana Lee
Freelance Technical Writer

About Indiana Lee:

Indiana Lee is a writer and journalist from the Pacific Northwest, who has a particular interest in covering business and workplace issues, social justice and politics.

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Sustainable Advantage

Sustainable advantage: How renewable energy is transforming the hospitality industry

The more renewable energy is integrated into the hospitality industry, the better understanding industry professionals will have of the impact it makes on ROE and the environment. Innovations will continue...

The future of hotel safety: Integrating advanced security solutions

Modern security is about more than providing padlocks and safes. Instead, seek to integrate advanced security solutions like AI-driven facial recognition and biometric authentication.

Preparing for the unexpected: Best practices for crisis management in the hotel industry

Crisis management for your hotel doesn’t need to be overly complex, but it benefits from some focused effort. It helps you to navigate the unexpected better while keeping your staff...
Thoughtful Refund Policies

Elevating hotel guest comfort through thoughtful refund policies

Hotel cancellations happen. What really matters for those in the hospitality industry is how they are handled when they do.