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Customer feedback on hospitality experiences: 5 best practices

Why is asking for customer feedback so important and how can it be done to enhance the customer journey? The findings of a recent research project answer these questions that are vital to the success of any business, especially one based on hedonic experiences like the hospitality sector.

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Make a goal of curating great reviews for 2022

Hotel reviews are the third most important booking driver after location and price. Hence, you need to develop a strong process to curate better reviews and improve your scores on third-party websites so that guests are more inclined to choose you over one of your competitors.


Handling the negativity of travel during COVID-19

It is understandable that the reviews posted during the pandemic can be skewed, as all hotels are doing their best to cope with the times. Still, there are some measures you can take to minimize negative reviews, improve customer service, and handle negative reviews if they are inevitable.


The five changes expected in the hotel industry

The landscape continues to change rapidly and while no one can say with any degree of certainty where everything will land, we are starting to see the shape of things to come. Here are changes that the new normal is likely to bring forward in the hotel industry for owners and operators.

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