Lisa Came
Founder - Inspired Wellness

About Lisa Came:

With around 10 years hospitality management and marketing experience, Lisa has an intimate knowledge of the hospitality industry. She is dedicated to keeping up to date with industry trends and providing useful and relevant information for hoteliers.

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Fake hotel reviews

Fake hotel reviews – what’s being done to fight review fraud

Top review sites continually make massive efforts to reduce the number of fake or malicious reviews and hoteliers and guests can also play a role in attempting to curb this...
negative guest reviews

Manage negative guest reviews with the 4 Rs

Make sure you utilise feedback, whether positive or negative, to improve your hotel and your online reputation Sometimes all it takes to change someone's mind about your hotel is a few well-thought-out...
SEO tips for hoteliers

Get found by your guests – SEO tips for hoteliers

Here are the top priorities for optimising your website from a technical perspective, optimising your website’s content, and optimising your presence in local search.
old vs new tech

Old ideas behind new hotel technology (plus what’s next)

Considering problems that the technology can solve in the day-to-day areas of the hospitality business, it’s clear that adopting hotel tech is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have to...