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Revinate and NAVIS join forces

By integrating Revinate’s unique marketing capabilities with NAVIS’ robust reservation sales suite, the combined company will create an unmatched end-to-end guest platform solution to scale profits for the hospitality industry.

Revinate NAVIS merger

How to recapture the customer who didn’t book

Most hotels have rich data on their existing customers, but effective CRM can help hotels recapture the 70%-80% of customers who visit their website and don’t make a booking. We talk to Brise Carpenter, Vice President of Client Success at NAVIS on the untapped potential of CRM and how staff – from reservations to marketing – can best leverage it.

How to recapture the customer who didn't book

The one service hotels must outsource during periods of high demand

For hoteliers, planning the right resources to satisfy guest demand is a fine art at any time of yearÑespecially when unpredictable events and seasonal demands create dramatic shifts in inquiries and bookings. It is a balancing act aimed at capturing as many sales as possible while avoiding a resource drain and high costs associated with additional staffing.

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