Enhancing hotel experiences: the role of augmented reality

Augmented Reality is no longer a futuristic concept; it’s here and ready to redefine the hotel industry. Let’s divesinto specific examples of how AR can be integrated into hotels to enhance guest experiences, from seamless check-ins to interactive room features, safety measures, and even entertainment options.


Hotels can stay healthier with technology

Hotel technology such as mobile check-in, mobile key, mobile check-out and AI-driven guest request platforms help hotels improve guest service by empowering the guest to control more elements of their stay from the security of their own smartphone.

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The hotel experience gets high-tech

Hotels have long promised guests they won’t have to lift a finger. Now some are reaching to technology for those light-touch – and even no touch – experiences to keep guests coming back.

The hotel experience gets high-tech

The deskless front desk

These types of contemporary upgrades – where we keep the core intact but use technology to streamline everything else – can be quite lucrative if executed effectively.

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