Hotels can stay healthier with technology

Hotel technology such as mobile check-in, mobile key, mobile check-out and AI-driven guest request platforms help hotels improve guest service by empowering the guest to control more elements of their stay from the security of their own smartphone.

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FlexBook offers industry-first flexible check-in and check-out, a new hotel booking site, offers travelers the first real opportunity to customize their hotel stays by offering early check-in/late check-out as part of their booking.ÊFlexBook was created by the team behind HotelsByDay that helped pioneer flexible hotel stays by offering convenient day stays at top hotels around the world.


The fight against the OTAs starts at check In

Taking the time to develop and maintain guest relationships is the best tool any hotelier has against the OTAs. If handled successfully, the commissions paid to the OTAs can be a one time customer acquisition fee and the hotel now owns the relationship and any future reservations from that guest.

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