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What can POS data be used for?

Restaurant managers nowadays must be more than just connoisseurs of wine and food, they must also be able to read the wealth of a business through the data, most importantly, the POS data.


7 content marketing tips for every hospitality business owner

An investment in content marketing is so much more than just posting the occasional blog or having an influencer take a photo in your hotel. It’s a marketing approach that requires thought, planning and consistent execution in order to be successful, especially in the highly competitive hospitality sector.

content marketing

Sustainable gastronomy: An opportunity for a green recovery

In celebration of the UN Sustainable Gastronomy Day on June 18th, EHL’s Carlos-Martin Rios (Professor of Management & Sustainability) shares some practical guidelines on the meaning and implementation of recent initiatives in our food chain. Not only can our future be greener, but also optimistic, workable, collective and rewarding. What’s not to like?

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