Frictionless guest journeys and upselling made easy: Bookboost and UpsellGuru announce strategic partnership

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Bookboost, the industry-leading hospitality CRM platform, and UpsellGuru, the undisputed provider of innovative technology-led hospitality upselling solutions, recently announced a strategic partnership designed to transform guest communication and unlock upselling potential.

The partnership empowers hotels to leverage upselling, multi-property communication and hyper-personalisation. They will send upselling offers using emails, WhatsApp and text messages to highly specific segments of guests during the guest journey.

By integrating Bookboost’s modern CRM with UpsellGuru’s seamless upselling platform, hotels can effortlessly communicate with guests and deliver targeted upsell offers throughout the guest journey – from pre-arrival, on-arrival to in-stay – via the most effective channels, which significantly increases conversion compared to an email-only approach.

“We’re excited about our partnership with UpsellGuru as it perfectly aligns with our vision of empowering hotels to create memorable guest experiences”, said Willem Rabsztyn, CEO of Bookboost. “With Bookboost as a canvas of a scalable guest journey, we allow hotels to easily build and customize their digital communication strategies. Together with UpsellGuru’s dynamic upselling platform, hotels will not only boost their revenue but also will craft unique, personalized guest experiences. They will drive Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and enhance guest satisfaction like never before”, added Rabsztyn.

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Karl Schmidtner, Managing Director and Co-founder of UpsellGuru added, “The partnership between UpsellGuru and Bookboost offers hotels more opportunities to unlock their upselling potential. With Bookboost’s seamless guest communication expertise, combined with our innovative platform-led upselling solutions that can be integrated effortlessly into operations, hotels can curate personalized pre-arrival, on-arrival and in-stay experiences. That means happier guests and a boost to bottom lines. We look forward to creating even more upselling success stories together!”

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