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“IFYKYK” is the unspoken acronym for quiet luxury. It has sprawled beyond HBO’s ‘Succession’ fashion and is now very much the center of travel. Where can one go to stay and experience the ultimate hospitality and great R&R without being looked up and down by others prying to see if their Louis Vuitton is this season?

The idea of quiet luxury in hotel accommodations is not the Dubai’ish in your face pizazz, it is the opposite- a respite of sorts that brims with hospitality, modern conveniences, and promises an experience worth talking about. Not loud or in your face, it is understated and not labeled. The next achievement, aka trend, for hotels and inns is a place to retreat to where it’s not about being seen. In 2023, Prince William and Princess Kate began staying at country bed and breakfasts to support local communities in England, but it extends beyond that. While small inns, bed and breakfasts, and independent boutique hotels have been the fabric of communities- many are also the epitome of quiet luxury. A place to be, not be seen- No paparazzi, pressure, or pretentiousness- but true gracious hospitality and these are exactly the type of places many travelers are seeking.

Why does Quiet Luxury matter right now?

  • Short-term rentals have taken the world by storm since 2020.
  • The Near & Far East are sprawling with luxury- think Dubai, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia- bigger, better, and more badass than others.
  • True five-star accommodations are lacking in the United States.
  • Popular television series and movies continue to showcase the charm of hometown stays.
  • A hotel’s story is everything in marketing. Hotels offering a safe haven, luxurious (not breaking the bank), and hospitable stays are what guests are buying over and over again.

Where is the luxury accommodation conversation going?

  • Culture, history, and community are top of mind for travelers, and where they stay matters. Quiet luxury delivers on this.
  • Travelers are willing to pay for experiences, including where they stay. How must personalization and high touch in a high-tech world be at the forefront of your hotel? As this is exactly what quiet luxury delivers on.
  • Short-term rentals, investment strategies, and hotels of the future are the rage on stage for the 2024 hotel conference landscape, and the market segment they are missing in discussion is one that is in-demand- quiet luxury.

Examples of Quiet Luxury Properties and what they deliver

The Grand Bohemian –  Mountain Brook, Alabama

Sophistication and personalized service of this hotel exudes elegance and charm at every turn. From the moment you step into the lobby adorned with captivating artwork and lavish furnishings, you’re enveloped in a world of luxury. Immerse yourself in the hotel’s unparalleled art collection, featuring works by renowned local and international artists, adding a touch of culture. Indulge in exquisite culinary creations, take a wine blending or cooking class, relax in the opulent guest rooms, and unwind in the tranquil spa, in this city escape.

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Inn at Sunset Mill Ranch – Wimberley, Texas

25 acres in Texas Hill Country delivers with immaculate accommodation, Southern hospitality and the perfect blend of nature vs. nurture. Home to fiery-red sunset skies, personal hot tubs, and an outdoor theater complete with a firepit and outdoor bar, the Inn is the escape you did not know you needed, and can’t wait to return to. Accessible to both Austin and San Antonio, it offers a unique hill country stay that begs for slowing down and turning off the outside world.

Hotel Fauchere – Milford, Pennsylvania

If walls could talk, this luxury boutique hotel has hosted some high-ranking leaders- think John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, Gifford Pinchot, and Bob Marshall. It is now home to fine food, luxury accommodation, and tribute photos to Andy Warhol. But more importantly it is understated and in an idyllic small community where tradition meets modern elegance. The area is brimming with history and is the home of the American Conservation Movement and accessible to incredible outdoor adventure at the gateway of the Poconos.

The Inn at the Anasazi – Santa Fe, New Mexico

A hotel deeply rooted in the vibrant history and culture of the American Southwest. Celebrating the enduring spirit of the region’s Native American ancestors and the rich legacy of Spanish colonization, the hotel pays homage to the Anasazi Tribe through handcrafted art collections throughout its decor. With a vivid blend of native, Spanish, and Anglo influences, guests are immersed in a unique Southwestern experience. Just steps from the historic plaza and a short drive from Bandelier National Park.

The Old Edwards Inn & Spa – Highlands, North Carolina

Every detail is meticulously crafted for relaxation and rejuvenation. From invigorating fitness classes to serene spa treatments, the inn offers a holistic approach to well-being. Set amidst the lush landscapes of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Old Edwards takes pride in personalized experiences tailored to enhance your physical and mental vitality, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. The vibe is elegance meets relaxation with access to the Appalachian outdoors, private golf course, and the enchanting town of Highlands, NC.

Black Walnut Inn & Vineyard

Amidst the picturesque landscapes of Willamette Valley, this hidden gem offers an exclusive sanctuary for discerning travelers seeking tranquility and refinement. Boutique accommodations where every detail is thoughtfully curated to ensure a restful stay and inspiring retreat. Savor the exquisite handcrafted wines or tour the trails surrounding the vineyards. Whether you’re unwinding by the fire or strolling through the idyllic countryside, this is a  harmonious blend of sophistication and serenity. The curation of the valley’s experiences and nourishing cuisine stands out for this Inn.

Cartier Mansion – Ludington, Michigan

Their motto “Stay on Purpose, Make your Mark,” speaks to travel with meaning. The immaculate historic property delivers on providing guests an opportunity to experience the rich, inviting hospitality, along with the opportunity for them to feel involved and a part of something good by participating in a few hour stint of giving back with a local-non profit.

7 Ways to Implement Quiet Luxury Principles At Your Property:

  1. Personalization – Touches that are a bit surprise and delight, but mostly unique to a guest. Do they love to have a green smoothie when they wake up, or a cocktail at check-in. Knowing your guest and adding personalized touches are quiet luxury that will keep guests coming back again and again.
  2. Guest Communication – Before, during, and after a guest’s stay, communication is on point, upfront, and encouraging. Communication upfront can help provide the roadmap to creating the best personalized experience.
  3. Giving Back – Travelers seeking quiet luxury often want to know they are doing good in a local community. Can you offer opportunities for guests to work with local charities, or is your giveback program at your hotel something to write home about? Quiet luxury travelers want to give and be involved, and this does not just mean tips for your staff.
  4. Embracing History & Culture – When you embrace your past, present, and future- molding it together into an experience, your guest feels it. Guests want to connect to the history and culture of a location and feel that they have learned something as well as immersed themselves in something new.
  5. Providing Education and Participation  – If you look at the SOHO House model, they put great thought into education. Properties that take it a step further provide education programs and participation in things such as harvesting grapes, working with animals
  6. Wellness – Infuse your hotel property with discreet indulgences aimed at enhancing guests’ physical and mental well-being, from serene spa sanctuaries to holistic dining experiences tailored to nourish the body and soul, along with elevating sleep and rest, promoting wellbeing is what quiet luxury consumers crave.
  7. Quiet, Well-Thought Out Spaces – From kid-free zones to ambient lighting captivating the senses, the meticulous curation of tranquil spaces within a hotel and outdoor landscape offers tranquility for guests. Creating places to disconnect to reconnect is what it is all about.
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