How to effectively reach tech-savvy travellers

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In the modern world we live in, where everyone is connected through the power of technology, a new breed of travellers has grown significantly: the tech-savvy ones.

According to SiteMinder’s Changing Traveller Report 2023, 66% of surveyed guests believed that their booking and on-site experience could be better if the hotel incorporated more technology.

They’re quick, informed, and they know exactly what they want for their hotel experience. They are the future of travel, and as a hotelier, you need to keep up with this speedy digital transformation in order for your business to survive.

Understand the tech-savvy travellers

First things first, we need to understand who these tech-savvy travellers are. They’re individuals, mostly millennials and Gen Z, who utilise technology extensively during their travel journey.

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It does not start from the moment they make a booking but from the inspiration stage, where internet and social media is their main source of information. They look for real customer reviews and customer photos to get a true picture of the accommodation. Furthermore, they read travel blogs, rankings, and others while looking not just for the destination but also where to stay.

And it doesn’t stop there. From the inspiration stage to the check-out moment, technology is one of their main tools and what they expect to find in a property that will deliver a great experience.

How data is key to keep up with customers

For tech-savvy travellers, the internet is their playground and every move they make online leaves a trail of digital footprints. This data is precious to you because it’s the key to offer them a more personalised experience.

At every touchpoint of a guest journey, from the inspiration stage to the moment they check-out, data plays a significant role. For example, when they’re browsing through social media or reading travel blogs for ideas, a huge amount of data is generated, holding vital clues about their likes, preferences, and requirements. Therefore, collecting this data and using it well is the key to keep up with customers’ changing expectations and exceed them.

Data is related to their demographics, region, language they speak, generation but also to their online preferences like devices and browsers. If you communicate with them, you will get information regarding their preferred device, the motive of their trip, services they are interested in, and more.

All of this will help you build a profile of the tech-savvy traveller that stays in your property, so you can create initiatives that truly resonate with them and increase your direct bookings. In this process, a hotel CRM will be crucial as it will help you to understand your data and extract insights from it.

How can you successfully reach these tech-savvy travellers? Here are six tips you can apply to meet the needs of this new generation of travellers.

Have a well-designed digital marketing strategy

Having a well-designed digital marketing strategy that utilises various avenues like SEO, content marketing, social media, paid ads, and more, helps you to capture booking demand from potential guests.

If a traveller can find your services at the top of their Google search or stumble upon an ad while scrolling through Instagram, you’re dramatically increasing your chances of capturing their interest. And when they land on your website, an efficient and eye-catching website is another key to encourage bookings.

Don’t forget: your digital marketing strategy is key to increasing revenue since it will help you to optimise and leverage all your digital ecosystem, not only directed at new guests but also to engage with existing customers.

Pay attention to all your channels and create tactics to optimise them and make sure you are capturing all the possible revenue.

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Make sure to appear in the channels where they are

To effectively reach tech-savvy travellers, it is crucial to establish a presence in the platforms and channels where they spend their time. This younger generation of travellers trust recommendations from influencers and advice from friends and family more than anything else.

That’s why influencer marketing has gained immense popularity in recent years. Goldman Sachs predicts that the influencer marketing industry is estimated to rise to 500 billion USD by 2027. 75% of hotel marketers already use influencer marketing for hotels based on research, showing that this strategy is bringing results.

In addition, make sure to be present in the social media networks where these travellers are looking for information, to be featured in the travel blogs they are reading, and more.

Use tech tools to give them a first look of the hotel

Using tech tools to reach tech-savvy travellers sounds like a no-brainer. But what exactly are these tools?

One powerful way to captivate tech-savvy travellers is by utilising 360-degree pics or videos on your website. This will help you to provide a kind of content that OTAs can’t support, because unlike the curated pictures they provide, these immersive visuals provide an authentic and realistic representation of your hotel.

Apart from showcasing your hotel, it’s equally important to help tech-savvy travellers visualise the area where your property is located. By integrating Google Maps on your website, you provide them with an opportunity to explore the surroundings virtually. They can view nearby attractions, restaurants, and points of interest, gaining a sense of the neighbourhood before making a booking decision.

In addition, you can gather real content created by customers and feature it on your website, showing real pictures and reviews that show your property as it is, which will increase their trust.

Read this article to learn more tips on how to optimise your website to encourage bookings.

Update your amenities

When it comes to accommodating tech-savvy travellers, offering basic amenities like free Wi-Fi is no longer enough. This is especially important for bleisure travellers who need high-speed internet for remote work and staying connected with loved ones.

Additionally, for bleisure and digital nomads, amenities such as co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and on-site leisure facilities are also expected.

Another amenity that tech-savvy travellers appreciate is the integration of smart room controls. Offering an intuitive system that allows guests to control lighting, temperature, and entertainment through their smartphones or voice commands can improve the overall guest experience.

Make technology part of your services

Embracing mobile-friendly solutions is an excellent way to start making technology part of your services. Offering a dedicated mobile app not only allows guests to make bookings but also access various services during their stay.

For example, instead of calling reception to book a spa appointment, guests can simply navigate to the app and book the desired service with just a few taps. Similarly, rather than going to the hotel restaurant to dine in, they can now check the menu on their phone and place an order within the app.

Automation is another effective solution. For instance, integrating automation in the check-in and check-out process eliminates the need for guests to wait in long queues. You can also utilise automation to send personalised notifications and recommendations to guests based on their preferences.

Want to learn more about how to use automation for your property? Don’t miss this article.

Create a safe experience

When it comes to storing customer data, security is a top priority for travel businesses.

SiteMinder’s Changing Traveller Report for 2023 showed that among the 50% who stopped booking through a hotel website due to bad experience, 19% of those expressed concerns about the safety of online payments. Tech-savvy travellers are well-aware of the potential risks associated with sharing personal information online.

Implementing robust data security measures, such as encryption, two-factor authentication and firewalls to safeguard travellers’ personal and financial information and build trust with your guests.


In a nutshell, effectively reaching tech-savvy travellers requires more than just basic tech upgrades; it requires a thorough understanding of their needs, expectations, and market trends.

By applying these six tips, you are not only serving your guests better but also building loyalty and trust among this digitally oriented demographic. It’s time to step up your game as the world of travel becomes increasingly digital. Better late than never, right?

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