Oaky empowers more PMS with front desk upsell automation

Oaky PMS integrationsOaky, an award-winning hotel upselling software solution that helps thousands of hotels to maximise their revenue, has made its Front Desk Upsell automation (FDU) solution available for a wide range of PMS solutions Oaky provides 2-way integrations with.

In addition to Mews and OPERA Cloud customers, hotels using Guestline, Infor, Protel, Shiji, Apaleo, Stayntouch, and Cloudbeds can now also take advantage of Front Desk Upsell automation. 

Front Desk Upsell automation is a recommendation engine that allows agents to sell the right deal to the right guest at the right price during the check-in process. All it takes are a few clicks and seconds of employees’ time. 

Via Oaky’s dashboard, the front desk agent can search for the specific guest’s reservation to get access to instant upselling prompts as well as information necessary for successful upselling, such as room/service availability, current rates, price ranges and upsell commission they can receive in case of selling a room upgrade/service. Upselling prompts are tailored to each guest segment, which increases the conversion rate of upselling deals.

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Front Desk Upsell automation was a strategic investment and the next step in expanding the capabilities of the Oaky solution with the goal to equip hotels with top-notch tools, enabling them to take their upselling and revenue management strategies to new heights. 

This expansion to include other popular PMS solutions further demonstrates Oaky’s commitment to providing comprehensive and flexible solutions for hotels seeking to optimize their upselling strategies. Erik Tengen, the co-founder and CEO of Oaky, shared: 

Helping hotels to drive more revenue is at the heart of what we do, and our latest expansion of Front Desk Upsell automation to numerous PMSs enables more hotels to maximize their revenue potential. With the software’s rapid load time and real-time upsell prompts, hotels gain the power to seize new revenue opportunities at check-in, retain more staff that excel in upselling, and elevate the overall guest experience.”

Pillows Grand Hotel Reylof is one of the early adopters of Oaky’s new Front Desk Upsell automation solution. They’ve achieved an upsell conversion rate of 23% which has helped them to generate a 2.2% TRevPAR contribution.

Their front office managers highlight increased efficiency as one of the major benefits. Aside from being easy to use, it also loads quickly, helping to save precious time and keep the check-in process smooth. 

“We are delighted with the remarkable results we have achieved using Oaky’s Front Desk Upsell automation. In just 10 days, we experienced a significant increase in revenue per room and a high conversion rate. Oaky’s solution not only streamlines our upselling process but also saves us valuable time. It is user-friendly, fast, and has exceeded our expectations. We are confident that Oaky’s technology will continue to drive revenue growth and enhance our guest experiences.”

Hotels eager to replicate or improve upon the success of Pillows Grand Hotel Reylof can now take the next step towards achieving their goals. By reaching out to Oaky about their Front Desk Upsell pricing, hotels can unlock the tools needed to build upon their upselling strategies and unlock new revenue streams.

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Oaky is a hyper-personalised upselling software that helps hotels boost revenue through enriched guest experience and branding.

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