How to migrate your hotel data to a cloud PMS?

Upgrading to a cloud PMSMany hotel groups are now embracing the concept of digitalization and moving their IT stacks – including the all-important Property Management System (PMS) – to the cloud.

Migrating your PMS to the cloud could be one of the best moves your hotel groups ever makes. But, like all major projects, it has ‘Approach with caution’ written all over it! In this article, hotel tech experts at dailypoint™ offer some valuable advice to help you avoid the biggest pitfall of all: the loss of guest profile data.

PMS conversions all too often result in a significant loss of guest knowledge. In many cases, only summarized versions of guest profiles are transferred across to the new cloud-based PMS.

Download our latest White Paper today to find out more about the risks of losing guest profile data during PMS upgrades, and how working with dailypoint™ can help avoid these and enable a smooth, low-hassle transfer.

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This White Paper explains:

  • The risks and issues you need to consider when upgrading to a cloud PMS
  • The steps you have to take
  • How dailypoint™ can help


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dailypoint™ is the leading Data Management and CRM platform for demanding individual hotels and hotel groups. dailypoint™ collects data from all relevant sources such as PMS, POS, website, newsletter or WiFi and automatically creates a central and consolidated guest profile.

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