The hospitality industry’s voice bot problem

Hospitality AI chatbotAs consumers, we all know the immense frustration that comes with dealing with call center voice bots.

Whenever you pick up the phone, you expect to hear another human on the other end, when that’s not the case, it’s not only disappointing but inconvenient. That inconvenience increases tenfold when the voice bot sends you into a cyclical conversation with yourself without addressing your needs as a customer.

As we have detailed before, there are many problems with current IVR models (Interactive Voice Response Systems). For starters IVR systems typically have long menus and rigid redirecting that leave you talking in circles without addressing the reason for your call. For many corporations, IVR systems are a necessary evil. IVR systems are implemented when call volumes are so large that manpower alone cannot meet the demand of your callers.

In 2021, with all the rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence and smart devices, is there an IVR system that can meet the needs of today’s consumers? If so, what does that system look and sound like? To find out how to fix the Hospitality Industry’s Voice Bot Problem, continue reading below.

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A solution to IVR’s many problems

While IVR has technically been around in some form or another since the mid-1970s, it was widely implemented in the 2000’s. IVR limited functioning is proven to actually deter business. It’s time we embrace modern voice bots as the solution to IVR’s numerous issues. So, what sets a modern voice bot apart from traditional IVR systems?

A humanized call experience and rapid redirecting

Over annunciating is one of the more infuriating aspects of dealing with IVR systems. Modern voice bots use artificial intelligence-powered tech to better recognize varying patterns of speech. This technology, known as Natural Language Processing (NLP), has customizable accents to make customers from all over the world feel like they’re having a normal conversation. These bots will be able to answer simple questions. For more complex queries, they can identify which customer service representative is needed and quickly redirect the call.

Utilize existing data

Unlike IVR systems that are limited when they collect, store, or use valuable caller data, modern voice bots will take advantage of existing data and will identify caller sentiment and other valuable insights to help your company gain important customer information.

A voice bot that can sell?

Modern voice bots are able to understand caller preferences and anticipate their demands due to their interconnected back-end systems. Additionally, voice bots have unlimited access to customer context, which allows for personalized sales opportunities. When a voice bot can identify a specific caller immediately, they can sell them on specific products related to their personal customer journey.

Your voice channel is the gateway to your business

If you’re hotel is using outdated IVR technology to greet current or potential guests, they won’t feel welcomed. Where IVR falls short in terms of personal ability, instructiveness, and quick redirecting, modern voice bots excel.

Next-gen voice bots will be the ultimate AI-driven tool for your hotel

Of all the modern AI call bot systems, only one system will be designed specifically for the hospitality industry. A hospitality-specific voice channel will have rapid call routing capabilities, boast a personalized experience, be able to troubleshoot, and answer FAQs.

Embracing the wave of change that technology will bring

Unlike today’s callous IVR systems, IVR’s of the future will boast a warm, friendly, and uniquely human experience for callers. They’ll be able to accurately understand callers’ requests and needs, even when they speak in long-winded sentences. They’ll learn terms and phrases that are specific to your hotel’s branding. And they’ll allow callers to interrupt and immediately change topics without having to repeat the same cyclical call menu.

As we roll into the new year, we’ll be introducing readers to the next evolution in AI-powered voice bots. Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, key features will include call routing, personalized call experiences, transfer to extensions, ability to communicate in any language, ability to send follow-up texts, connect via API, answer FAQs, and much more. Best of all, this innovation will allow you to control your front desk labor expense by answering 100% of your calls and seamlessly transferring them to the appropriate extension. Yes, the next-gen of IVR systems is here – are you ready?

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