Two of China’s major airlines go live with Sabre - Insights

Two of China’s major airlines go live with Sabre


China Eastern Airlines and Air China SabreSabre Corporation, a leading software and technology provider that powers the global travel industry, announced the implementation of Sabre’s Recovery Manager Operations solution for China’s national flag carrier Air China as well as China Eastern Airlines, to enhance their operational recovery capability and future growth.

Air China and China Eastern are both now using Sabre’s market-leading Recovery Manager Operations solution to identify operational issues across their extensive domestic and international networks which will help to further increase the footprint of Sabre’s advanced decision-support solutions in China’s marketplace.

Recovery Manager Operations will empower the airlines to manage flight disruptions by proposing immediate contingency and recovery plans, while minimizing downline impact, improving operational performance, maximizing staff productivity and, ultimately, boosting customer satisfaction.

“Adding Recovery Manager Operations to their technological arsenal heralds a new era in disruption management for Air China and China Eastern, and we’re thrilled to support both carriers in intelligent, informed and intuitive decision-making when the unexpected happens,” said Rakesh Narayanan, Vice President, Regional General Manager, Asia Pacific, Travel Solutions Airline Sales. “Both will be able to better recover from disruptive situations at the lowest cost, adjusting flight and crew schedules to minimize schedule interruptions while taking pan-operations constraints into consideration and making the most of every seat.

“The Chinese travel market has been showing strong signs of recovery for some time now, particularly in the domestic sector, and the adoption of our industry-leading solution will support this momentum by helping the carriers to recover more quickly from any large or small-scale disruption, whether it is caused by Covid-19 or any other factor,” added Mr Narayanan. “Together with our innovative airline partners, we remain fully committed to supporting the rapid recovery and growth of the tourism industry in China and worldwide.”

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