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RMS Cloud unveils its new and improved internet booking engine

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RMS Cloud internet booking engineRMS Cloud has refreshed its inbuilt internet booking engine (IBE) to address the needs of modern travellers and help property owners increase their direct bookings.

Based on guest and client feedback, RMS combined the latest technology to enhance functionality, with design improvements to deliver a better user experience and help guests make better informed decisions. 

Customers will be able to accept direct bookings from any device in real-time, reducing OTA dependency, whilst integrating with all other RMS distribution and property management features.

“Our IBE is native to the RMS system and is a pinnacle function that enables clients to leverage direct bookings and reduce third-party commission costs,” says Peter Ferris, director of global sales and marketing at RMS Cloud. 

“What makes the IBE so special, are the visual enhancements and functionality improvements. These will create better guest experiences, which we know, are critical for conversion. To drive property profitability, we’ve enabled curated upsells at key steps of the customer journey, with inclusions such as the ability to include images. Compared to other IBEs in the market, our exciting new product also gives operators the ability to sell at the category or room level, ensuring that you never miss a booking.”

In RMS’ new IBE, guests will see a clean layout with a snapshot display screen showing relevant content, a booking cart process for easy group bookings, the ability to view cancellation policies and a handy map link for travel directions – guest-centric improvements that will create seamless booking experiences.  

“Our new IBE is our most exciting one ever to be released,” says IBE project manager, Rachael Todd. “Many of the enhancements that we’ve added are guest-driven, so when making the reservation, guests will be prompted to click links that are tailored to what they want to get out of their booking experience.”

A great perk for property managers is the ability to make the IBE their own. “Properties can add their logos and customise the colours to reflect their branding,” says Rachael. “Those that are part of an enterprise can tailor the booking engine to each particular sibling property,” adds Rachael. This provides differentiation and gives each property its own unique look and feel.

As an important revenue driver for properties, the product development team will continue to enhance the IBE based on customer feedback and suggestion box requests.

Find out more about how RMS can help your property grow and succeed. Designed for you, customised for your business needs.

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