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Applied upselling: Van der Valk on hotel guest satisfaction

Here at Oaky, we spend a lot of time discussing the many benefits of upselling, like boosting ancillary revenue, cross-selling services from departments across the hotel and most importantly,  improving your guest’s experience.

hotel guest satisfactionHow does this look when you apply it to a real-life hotel operation?

Find out now from Nienke Rusticus, Front Office Manager at the Van der Valk Hotel Leusden – Amersfoort and Tom van der Valk, the property’s General Manager.

We sat down with these two for an in-depth interview about their experience working with Oaky, what they liked most and how it impacted their revenue and profit margin.

Here’s a sneak peek at what Nienke and Tom shared.

Blog inline – 11 - Van der Valk Leusden - Success Story


One of the key things Nienke highlighted was the importance of delighting guests during their stay:

“Using Oaky has allowed us to give our guests more freedom to design their stay. They take full advantage of that and often treat themselves to one or even several of our offers. We benefit from this in a few ways: our guests are delighted with their stay, they leave great online reviews and we generate incremental revenue.”

She also stressed that it was easy to implement Oaky and start using it:

“Setting up Oaky was fast and easy. Since the tool is so intuitive, our staff quickly got the hang of it as well. Customising the tool and adding our own promotions took a bit longer, but investing the time was worth it.”

Blog inline – 12 - Van der Valk Leusden - Success Story

Tom and Nienke were also pleased with the ROI. Here’s what Tom shared about it:

“We’ve seen great results in the first months of using Oaky. Our pre-arrival emails consistently achieved open rates of around 90% and our limited-time F&B were extremely popular among guests.”

Of course, the team at Van der Valk Hotel Leusden – Amersfoort wants to keep up their great results and find new ways to optimise them.

“In the future, we want to dive deeper into Oaky’s segmentation options and create more personalised messages and offers for our different guest segments. This will ensure that people receive the most relevant deals and have an even better time planning their stay with us.”

For the full scoop including in-depth results and numbers, click below to read the complete customer case report to find out which deals perform best at the Van der Valk Hotel Leusden – Amersfoort, how high their conversion rate is and how much ancillary revenue they generate on average via Oaky.

Success Story Van der Valk Download report

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