What Makes Your Guest Unhappy?

In a world spoiled for choice, reviews are a priority to decision making. Bad reviews have a lasting impact on reputation and can be disastrous for business.

What Makes Your Guest UnhappyThe use of the latest software makes the management and functionality of hotels more seamless and efficient. However, having the best technology alone won’t drive the business forward. Following a “customer-centric” approach, with excellent customer service and guest satisfaction, is the key to succeeding in a competitive industry.

It is, therefore, very important to either satisfy guest expectations or deal with the repercussions that come with negative reviews. The best way to learn how to make guest happy in hotels is by forming an understanding of what makes your guest unhappy to being with. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Below are listed a few common, but important reasons, that affect guest satisfaction in hotels:

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Unhygienic Rooms

Hygienic rooms are a necessity and not a luxury. Spotless rooms, fresh linen and well- maintained upholstery are very important to create a positive guest experience. Ensure that the guests check-in to a clean room with well-arranged beds, fresh toiletries, dust-free furnishings and a pest-free environment. As a hotelier, failing to deliver any of these basics will create a bad experience for guests and, in turn, result in negative reviews for your hotels.

A robust property management software, like the Hotelogix PMS, will help you manage the status of your room from both the frontdesk and from the housekeeping modules. And the best part? Room status can be configured to update automatically every night. You can also assign employees to rooms that need attention. With Hotelogix, you can make sure that a guest will never check into a messy room ever again.

Untrained Staff

The hotel staff are the representatives of the hotel’s values and brand image. They are the main connection between your customer and your hotel. Staff members who exhibit unprofessional behaviour or lack the necessary training to handle customer woes can leave a bad impression which may stay with the guest for a long time. Delayed check-in and check-out, inability to help with guest requests, rude tone of voice or even slow service are all reasons for guests to hesitate to return to your property.

Ensure that your staff is well trained, not only within their role but also with customer relations. Help them understand the importance of properly handling guest complaints in the hotel industry. Even if your staff is relatively new and untrained, having a competent supervisor around can change the guest experience.

Hotelogix Automated Coaching Engine — A.C.E. is another innovative AI-powered module that would change the way your hotel staff is trained. Loaded with intuitively created tasks, A.C.E. trains your staff effortlessly on all the aspects of the Hotelogix PMS.  Whether you are learning the system from scratch, or stuck during a task, A.C.E. is always there by your side, making guest handling in hotel easy.

Poor Guest Service

Is your staff attentive, clean and well-dressed and pleasant mannered? Or do guests instead find the staff impatient and unkempt? Are the housekeeping services prompt and regular? Or do guests often check-in or return to rooms that are untidy and messy?

Handling guest requests in hotels should be a priority with staff— prompt response to guest requests and dealing with guest complaints in a timely and customer-centric way— in order to ensure happy customers. Happy customers become the best advertisers of your brand. That is why it is crucial to provide proper training to your staff so that the guests find no inconsistencies in the services. Help your staff understand the importance of guest satisfaction in the hotel industry. With a great software such as Hotelogix, you can assign tasks to your staff, and even set comments and notifications to the system administrators. Rest assured; you will never miss any priority tasks with Hotelogix.

Absence of Basic Amenities

Offer some basic amenities to make your guests feel more at home. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift bag a few everyday necessities will do. Personalised soaps, shampoos, or shaving kit, for example, leave your guests feeling like you care about their comforts. Make sure that the amenities offered with the room are all present and in a good working condition. A faulty air conditioner or a badly maintained minifridge all contribute to bad customer experience. The in-room perks which you provide should always be clean and ready for use for guest handling in hotels.

Charges for Internet Use

With technology at our fingertips, most of our daily routine revolves around our devices— our phones and laptops.  Wi-Fi is no longer considered optional. In today’s technology-driven world, having a strong high-speed internet connection is essential. Provision of high-speed internet cannot be termed as a luxury for hotel guests, but it is an expectation which the hotel must fulfil. Many tourists plan their day using the internet— apps like Uber to help find easy and reliable transportation, Google Maps to plan routes, etc, and a lot of corporate clients depend on the internet to schedule meetings or report back to their centres. Not having a reliable Wi-Fi connection or charging hefty fees for internet usage will make guests feel dissatisfied.

Poor Quality Food

A very important part of positive customer experience is the food. Guests look for healthy, hygienic and wholesome food. Guests want to experience the comforts of your hotel- and ordering room service is one of them. Providing food that is fresh and warm, in clean plates with clean cutlery is just the basic of what you can do for your guests.

Craft a well -rounded menu to make sure there’s something for everyone. Ensure that your kitchen and your buffet is well stocked and that the guests are aware of the timings of kitchen operations or the buffet. As they say, “the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach”.


A positive way to handle guest reviews is collecting and managing guest feedback while they stay in your hotel. Train staff to handle requests and guest complaints in the front office promptly so that the guest’s discomfort soon changes into a positive experience by showing them that you care. Offer apologies and be sincere with your approach to their problems, this is the best approach to dealing with guest complaints in hotels.

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