Oaky and Cloudbeds Launch Two-Way Integration

The commission-free pre-arrival upselling platform​ ​Oaky​ has partnered with ​Cloudbeds​, an all-in-one hospitality management suite, to provide users with a free two-way integration between the two systems.

Oaky and Cloudbeds Launch Two-Way IntegrationOaky and Cloudbeds’ two-way integration enables the upselling software to use booking data saved within Cloudbeds to send personalized pre-arrival upselling offers to guests. To achieve the best results and create a positive experience, the emails containing the promotions are customized to a guest’s rate code, room category, segment and even use their language.

After guests select and book a deal in only a few clicks, the two-way integration pushes this information back into Cloudbeds via the Cloudbeds Marketplace where it is added to the client’s profile and their invoice. Inventory is also updated, meaning that after a paid upgrade is confirmed, the guest’s new room is marked as sold while the original room goes back on sale, allowing hotels to sell these rooms a second time.

This eliminates the need for the hotel’s team to handle each upsell request manually. It also avoids issues such as overbooking a room category or overselling a service since the system automatically stops promoting sold out items.

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To start using the two-way integration, a Cloudbeds client who has signed a contract with Oaky simply needs to approve the connection between the two platforms via a button in the Oaky onboarding wizard. This is also where new users can set up their Oaky, add deals and customize their offers’ style and appearance. Once this is done, a hotel is ready to upsell and generate ancillary revenue.

Cloudbeds and Oaky users will get several advantages out of this new partnership:

  • Improved efficiency:​ Since upsells don’t have to be handled manually anymore, hotel staff save a lot of time and errors are prevented.
  • Hotels can get creative​: A hotel can offer every kind of deal including room upgrades, dinner reservations, loyalty signups, activities or any service they would like to provide.
  • Broadened reach​: Upselling emails reach both direct bookers and OTA guests which gives hotels a wider reach and more chances of sales.
  • Excellent conversion​: Oaky’s industry-leading conversion rate of 13.8% means that of all guests who interact with Oaky, one in eight books an offer.

“It’s great to be working with Cloudbeds and offering our users this powerful two-way integration. Now they can boost their revenue, increase the value of every booking and create an even better and more memorable guest experience. Since hotels can now reach guests regardless of their booking channel, the results will be even more impactful,” Says Erik Tengen, Co-Founder of Oaky.

“The feeling is mutual,” says Sebastien Leitner, Head of Global Partnerships at Cloudbeds. “This partnership allows Cloudbeds customers to benefit from the innovative, industry-leading upselling tool Oaky has delivered. We are delighted to welcome them to our marketplace.”

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