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Automated Training for the Best Hotel Staff

Did you know that the hospitality industry, and hotels in general, experience some of the highest levels of employee turnover? In fact, in the hotel & motel industry alone, the employee turnover rate is as high as 73.8%!

Automated Training for the Best Hotel Staff
Automated Training for the Best Hotel Staff

There are many reasons for this, and among them are:

·         Unclear job expectations

·         Disconnect with management

·         Mismatch between the worker and the work

·         Lack of flexibility

·         Unhealthy work environments

·         Inefficient communication

·         Lack of recognition

·         Minimal growth opportunity

And yet, there are ready-made solutions for many of these issues. Take the last one as a prime example – minimal growth opportunity. As one expert noted, when “employees feel as if they’re viewed as a short-term employee by management, they won’t want to stick around. If they don’t feel like the organization is invested in their growth, they won’t be invested in the company either.”

This makes perfect sense, and one way that any hotel can show that it is invested in each employee is to ensure that they receive full training in the hotel’s management protocols. Yes, onboarding is always essential, but it can be done in a laborious and rather boring way through things like training days, seminars, and modules – all of which they are forced to finish within the stipulated time on their own time. On the other hand, automated training through an ACE or Automated Coaching Engine demonstrates to a hotel’s employees that they can take their time learning the system their time is valued and that their needs are a major concern.

And one of the best ways to show you are invested in staff is to never ask them to do something you, as the hotelier, yourself would not do. That is where software like Hotelogix is so beneficial.

An Innovative Way to Test and Train

According to Hospitality Tech, Hotelogix aims to “empower hoteliers to experience the product before they make their buying decision.” Through the use of interactive coaching screens, it walks the buyer through the entire guest life cycle, with the help of intuitively created videos.  and will use videos that show the most common tasks. Rewarding participants with credits towards purchase, it allows the owner to see what staff will experience in their training, should the system be put to use.

As the makers say, their “ACE has the potential to automate evaluation, training, and onboarding as well as support.”

What it also does is enable any staff member- new hire or long-time employee – to work around some of the most common reasons for departure. The employee who fears they are expected to do something or who is dealing with unclear expectations will no longer experience that lack of clarity because the training offers a solid foundation for expectations.

There is no disconnect with management if the training walks the user through the steps needed, and even ensures that staff working the front desk can focus on delivering positive guest experiences rather than struggling with clunky software.

The training guarantees that any worker not properly matched to the job can be identified through evaluation, and both the need for adequate communication and recognition for a job well performed can be easily met through the use of a powerful property management systems that feature such intuitive and user-friendly training.

A Rounder Education

On top of it all, one of the unspoken ways of ensuring long-term commitment from well-trained staff is to ensure that “everyone is on the same page”. With the use of a PMS and powerful training modules, that is guaranteed. After all, an option like Hotelogix indicates that it emphasizes front desk operations. However, it also includes training options for maintenance, housekeeping, and even back end operations. If everyone is trained across the board (something easily done with an ACE), they understand that no one’s job is insignificant or more valuable than another. It will help to build understanding, flexibility, and cooperation across the board.

Educating your hotel staff through automated training may sound austere or disconnected, but once you try the training yourself and find a solution as comprehensive as Hotelogix, you will see that it can only nurture your goals. You now know why so many in the hospitality industry switch from company to company. You can take steps to invest in your people, train them, continue to train them, and build a long-term team that offers guests only the very best service and attention thanks to automation.

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