Why BYOD Digital Hotel Compendiums are the Way Forward

Guest compendiums are available in multiple formats, including printed, in-room TVs and hotel tablets. Each of these have major limitations, whether they affect the guest experience or the ongoing maintenance required from your property’s management.

At App IT Byte, we have developed a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) digital hotel solution called Hinfo. Our service addresses limitations found in other hotel compendium solutions, while also creating new possibilities.

BYOD Digital Hotel Solutions address many limitations found in other traditional and digital hotel compendium solutions, including these 5 drawbacks.

Significant Time and Costs for Updating Content:

Paper compendiums require significant time to update details in every room and need replacing regularly due to wear and tear. They also require significant investment in both materials and labour.


When guests use their own device, they automatically see the most up-to-date information you have provided via any web browser on any of your devices.

Along with sending information updates to all guests automatically, updating compendium details no longer needs to consume much of your time and budget.

Single Compendium Tied to Each Room:

Paper compendiums, TVs or hotel tablets provided by your property for guest use, cannot be removed from your guest rooms to avoid being damaged, misplaced or even stolen.

This restriction reduces the value of your compendium details for your guests, as they are not accessible anywhere, anytime.

BYOD digital hotel solutions allow guests to use their own smartphones, tablets etc. to access your compendium details and see what facilities, local services and attractions you recommend your guests visit, wherever they are.

Rather than sharing a single guest compendium in each room, the BYOD option allows every guest, in every room, to have their own access, wherever they are.

Supporting Multiple Languages:

If you supply a printed compendium in each room, it is likely to only support a single language.

What was once a lengthy and cost prohibitive process to translate your details and something you would probably not contemplate, is now well within your reach.

We have streamlined this whole process by developing an Auto Translate service. It significantly reduces the costs to just a few dollars per month, per language. So your unlimited information updates, provided in English, will automatically translate to your supported languages, in a matter of minutes.

BYOD Digital Hotel Compendiums auto detect your guests preferred language and provides the content in that language, if supported. This removes an additional step required for in-room TVs and hotel tablets.

Communicate with Reception Staff in Any Language:

If a guest has a question for your reception, they will need to either phone or go to reception and wait in line. International guests will also need to speak English, which may be limited due to the language barrier.

BYOD Digital Hotel Solutions include a guest messaging service, where guests can communicate with reception staff, wherever they are.

This allows guests to send a message in their preferred language. It is then translated to English for your reception staff to action in their own time. The response by reception is then translated back into the guests preferred language.

Dial Phone Numbers, View Web Pages and Get Directions Instantly.

When guests see a phone number, web address or street address listed in a paper compendium, in-room TV or hotel tablet they wish to use, what do they do? They need to use their own device and manually type each in, every-time.

Each of these existing compendium solutions are preventing guests from doing any of these instantly, but BYOD Digital Hotel Solutions allow guests to instantly:

  • Dial a phone number to order takeaway,
  • View webpages for local restaurants your property recommend, and
  • Get driving or walking directions to local attractions your property recommends.

App IT Byte delivers viable real-world solutions. Our Hinfo Digital Hotel Solution addresses the limitations found in other traditional and digital compendium solutions.

Whether it is supporting multiple languages, improving communication between reception and guests or even allowing guests to access your details anywhere, anytime, Hinfo addresses these limitations and more, with our BYOD solution.

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Author’s Bio:

Neil Houlston – Founder of App IT Byte who created the leading-edge digital hotel solution called Hinfo.

Neil saw an opportunity to address all issues with existing compendium solutions and established a team to bring this game-changing idea to reality.

App IT byte solves real industry problems, by building smart and efficient solutions that create new opportunities not previously possible.

They stand for being innovative, creative and efficient, and they reflect these values in their products and services.


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