If you see the world as your oyster and you are ready to go global, that’s the direction for most business expansion.

And when you’re ready to take your business overseas, it is the right time to sharpen your readiness.

While marketing professionals and company executives strive to have a good brand, it’s more about how well one articulates what the brand stands for and how it stacks up against the competition. In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, you’ve got to know how to successfully reach all your targets. For example, established brands that achieved success in local or domestic market must compete with well-known brands from America, Europe, Japan and Korea, as well as emerging brands within the region and beyond.

Get Noticed, Be Understood

Without a doubt, a strong brand resonates in the minds of the consumers, just as ‘Apple’ that symbolizes innovation and design, ‘Coca Cola’ that represents fun and happiness, ‘Nike’ that advocates positive lifestyle, etc. Having clear brand pillars help frame your brand strategy and be differentiated from others.

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Ultimately, once you’ve found your points of differentiation and have developed a professional brand position, be prepared to answer confidently, “Why should customers in specific markets choose you over the other (local) guy?” Do you have the answer in a convincing and clearly understood way? Do you have a local language content strategy to help you pitch that brand to your target markets such as Europe, MiddleEast or East-Asia where the majority do not communicate in English but in their native language?

Transcreation Revitalizes Brand Messages

To go global with the brand story you have created around your signature service and/or products particularly in foreign-language speaking communities, you can set your company’s business apart by having insightful literature written by a native copywriting team from that country. But there are also numerous challenges between you and these overseas teams, such as communication, unique language text scripts, managing workflows, etc. The common alternative is to simply outsource to translation service providers.

However, too often the translation misses the mark or falls flat with their target readers. So how do we ensure that your business information is succinctly translated across different cultures and customers who only understand in their own language?

A tried and tested solution is creative translating, editing and copywriting for the derivative versions of your marketing content – in short, that’s transcreation. Transcreation performed by LSPs (Language Service Providers) with full-fledged teams working in offices in key cities around the world can help you localize your unique brand value proposition and publicity marketing content, and even independently manage your content localization needs end-to-end in multiple target languages.

Technology has bridged many gaps and helped save on cost. But if your electronic marketing messages aren’t hitting their marks, it won’t matter how much money you save in getting your promotions out; for one, you won’t see a substantial return on investment if you can’t ‘speak’ to your target markets in a language they can understand.

Your Signature Theme Needs To Be Localized

For marketers of lifestyle products, hotel establishments or tourism-related businesses, going global with your brand requires efforts to reach out to new groups such as local native communities, leisure or business travellers, international shoppers, etc., in order to sell outside a domestic market.

You would surely need quality videos, presentations, brochures and social media blogs, as well as a website that draws customers in and engages them in a language they can understand. When creating and promoting your global brand, always keep in mind that if they can’t read it, they won’t buy it.

Your Strategy Should be Clear and Straightforward

To maintain a sustainable global content marketing strategy, this would involve continuous updates to information on your services and/or products, to keep up with the current mores and social trends. Importantly too, these updates must speak with the same emotion and brevity of your branding message and key selling points, to meet with equal enthusiasm across respective market’s cultural mind-set.

Scale your business to accommodate the world or regional markets according to your progress as you make in-roads through better ground knowledge, consistent strategies on the provision of impactful localized content in the vernacular of your audiences. Working with a reliable transcreation LSP will help you ensure that your branding messages can be consistently entrench with your target audiences, in every native language.

Global Content Marketing

Multilingual transcreation service provided by the LSP connects your brand to a wider global audience. This is the most practical approach in capitalizing on their location-based linguistic resources and their ground knowledge of your intended target markets. Leave cultural assumptions out and increase your brand awareness with tried and realistic strategies to help you draw new visitors to your property, your store or your products.

Many companies venture out to an international clientele unprepared, while often, we have only one shot at winning over a new customer. Instead of leaving your branding and content marketing to chance, there is a better way to reap the global market oyster and put it squarely in your profit column – invest in a reliable transcreation LSP.