Dugasta Properties announces a pipeline of Dh1.5 billion worth of projects

Dugasta Properties
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Dugasta Properties, a Dubai-based real estate developer, announced a project pipeline that will see the developer roll out Dh1.5 billion worth of projects in the next few months. The developer has signed up more than 3,000 real estate agents to accelerate the marketing and sales activities in the coming months.

Dugasta Properties Chairman Tauseef Khan made the announcement at a Milestone Gala event in front of industry leaders and real estate stakeholders who were treated with a memorable musical extravaganza that captivated the audiences at the Emirates Golf Course.

He also announced a unique incentive programme that will see ten top salespersons win super-luxury cars, that will further invigorate the agents’ drive for excellence.

“Success is the result of a strong teamwork and today, we are not only celebrating our success, we are celebrating the contribution and success of our partners – our extended team who have helped us achieve a great milestone in our journey,” Tauseef Khan, Chairman of Dugasta Properties said as he handed over keys of vehicles to successful sales agents. Five agents were given keys to five Geely Monjaro Sports-Utility Vehicles (SUVs), as a gesture by Mr Khan.

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“We are immensely proud of our achievements and the dedication of our agents,” asserted Mr. Khan. “This Dh1.5 billion investment signifies a new epoch in our journey, fortifying our commitment to innovation, quality, and the establishment of new benchmarks within the Dubai real estate market. Together, we will persist in our pursuit of excellence and deliver superlative results.”

This grandiose event, meticulously orchestrated by Dugasta Properties, was a testament to its prolific success and steadfast alliances. The evening, epitomised by grandeur and sophistication, honoured the contributions of the company’s extensive sales and brokerage agent network.

Attendees were received at a sumptuously adorned venue reflecting Dugasta Properties’ luxurious ethos. The evening commenced with a red-carpet reception, fostering an atmosphere of fervent anticipation and affording guests the opportunity to network and exchange insights.

The gala featured scintillating performances by renowned Bollywood music composer Sajid-Wajid and acclaimed singers including Sajid Khan, Mamta Sharma, Nakash Aziz, Irfan Ali, Tej Gill, and Ali Quli Mirza. These electrifying performances imbued the evening with a festive ambiance, rendering the event an indelible experience for all attendees.

Dugasta Properties leveraged the event to herald several avant-garde developments, exemplifying its relentless pursuit of innovation and expansion. These projects, designed to cater to the evolving demands of contemporary buyers, span residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments, each epitomizing the company’s dedication to quality, sustainability, and cutting-edge design.

Mr. Khan further underscored the paramount importance of nurturing robust relationships with agents and partners, emphasising that Dugasta Properties’ success is predicated on trust and collaborative synergy. He assured attendees of the company’s unwavering support and encouraged them to sustain their exemplary efforts.

The event also provided a forum for agents to glean insights into the company’s future stratagems and trajectory. Open dialogue with the company’s leadership further solidified the rapport between Dugasta Properties and its agent network, fostering a shared sense of purpose and commitment.

Dugasta Milestone Gala Awards

Top Sales Achieving Agencies

  1. IC Premier Properties LLC
  2. Rem Real Estate Broker
  3. Habstone Homes Real Estate
  4. May Fair Real Estate Broker
  5. Parker Premier Real Estate

Top Agent Onboarding Relationship Managers

  1. Gunjan Mangla
  2. Pallavi Sharma
  3. Yasmeen Gul
  4. Harshiita Chaudhary
  5. Nail Salakhov

Top Sales Achieving Relationship Managers

  1. Piyush Shah
  2. Syeda Beenish
  3. Wania Khan
  4. Neha Sachdeva
  5. Deepti Mahindroo
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