Eaton helps Hong Kong people in need

Eaton HK will launch a Pay It Forward meal program which enables Eaton Food Hall visitors to add an additional meal to their order and donate it to someone in need.

Eaton helps HK people in needWith a growing necessity to help thousands of people in need and charities struggling to help underprivileged groups affected, the initiative aims to provide a freshly made meal to a hungry person, lower income groups and those affected by the economic impact of COVID-19 the most. Eaton HK’s own Flower Years, Vietnamese Fûhn and Souper Kitchen all located at the Eaton Food Hall are participating. In addition, each of these vendors will donate free meals daily on their own. Those wishing to pay a meal forward can simply visit one of these vendors and purchase a meal without collecting the food. The meal credit will be held until claimed by someone in need.

With reports of Hong Kongers lining up at charity offices seeking food supplies, all three vendors felt it was time to not only give back, but also empower the community to contribute. The number of benefits to purchasing a ‘Pay It Forward meal” include the ability for everyone to contribute, allowing social distancing by avoiding lines to queue and the dignified way to collect donated meals when needed. The participating vendors will not discriminate against anybody claiming a meal and act in good faith.

Eaton HK recently also opened the Ballroom on the 2/F, providing a safe and clean space for everyone to consume their lunch, participates in the Water for Free programme and has started to collaborate with the Social Enterprise Sister Bento by distributing 600 care packages in the last two months with food essentials to local families in need.

About Eaton HK


Inspired by the gritty, retro nostalgia of its Kowloon neighbourhood, Jordan, Eaton HK inspires and nurtures the freedom of ideas by offering an inclusive gathering place for changemakers, creatives, and free thinkers to follow their bliss.

Eaton HK is the physical arm of Eaton Workshop, a new global purpose-driven company and creative lab from Katherine Lo at the intersection of culture, media, hospitality, wellness, and progressive social change. With distinct parts – Hotel, House, Media, Wellness, and Impact – Eaton transcends the notion of a traditional hotel to provide a physical, digital, and analogue platform to artists, activists, healers, and leaders in their pursuit of making the world a better place.

Located in an emerging Hong Kong artist community, Eaton HK offers a variety of resources for the community, including a public radio station, a contemporary art gallery, live music venue and bar, holistic healing experiences, a professional screening room, a members-only working club, sustainable food and drink options, private event spaces for meetings, conferences, weddings, and musical performances, a retail outpost, and more.

So much more than a hotel, Eaton HK is an incubator for arts and culture, a beacon for sustainability, a hub for impact initiatives, and a local connection to a global media platform.

About Eaton Workshop

Eaton Workshop is a global purpose-driven company and creative lab at the intersection of culture, media, hospitality, wellness, and progressive social change. Founded by Katherine Lo, whose vision is to reimagine a hotel as an inclusive gathering place for changemakers and creatives, Eaton consists of distinct parts—Hotel, House, Media, Wellness, and Impact.

Collectively, the pillars serve as an incubator for arts and culture, a beacon for sustainability, a hub for impact initiatives, a holistic healing centre, and a global media presence. Eaton’s first properties are now open in Downtown, Washington, D.C., and Hong Kong’s Jordan neighbourhood, with ensuing locations to arrive in San Francisco, Seattle, and Toronto in the future. | Instagram: @EatonWorkshop

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