launches Australia’s Mitey-est accommodation, VEGEMITE Villa - Insights
Properties launches Australia’s Mitey-est accommodation, VEGEMITE Villa

VEGEMITE lovers have a chance like never before to spread their devotion to Australia’s iconic spread, by staying overnight in a VEGEMITE (Jar) Villa built by


As the digital travel leader in connecting travellers with the widest choice of unique places to stay and with a mission to make it easier for everyone to experience the world, from the every day to the unexpected, has created a four-metre-high and two-metre-wide VEGEMITE Jar which is available exclusively on the site for guests to book for a tasteful weekend away!

The VEGEMITE Villa will be situated in the homeland of VEGEMITE’s parent company, Bega Cheese, Brogo, NSW and will accommodate two guests at a time, for two nights. Lucky travellers will have the chance to vege out in the peaceful New South Wales countryside and live the Australian dream with this unique experience.

The custom-built, self-contained Villa looks like a regular VEGEMITE jar from the outside and gets even better when you step inside! Complete with VEGEMITE furnishings, including a bed which resembles VEGEMITE on toast, eye masks, slippers, socks and an alarm clock – of course, to ensure that guests make their check out on time. The Villa is also fully equipped with power points and USB ports, to keep guests connected as they enjoy all that country New South Wales has to offer.

If you’re wondering what goes into building a Vegemite Villa, here it is:

  • If we were to fill the entire Villa with Vegemite Jars, you would need more than 31,000 jars or equally more than two million pieces of toast
  • If we then laid all of these out, it would be over 3km long. That’s the equivalent of three Sydney Harbour Bridges!
  • It took three builders, two sculptors, one scenic artist and a printing team to build this incredible stay
  • It weighs approximately 900kg, that’s approximately 20 Kangaroos!
  • A seamstress has created a custom-made bed quilt and sheets which looks like Vegemite on toast

Luke Wilson, Area Manager at Australia, said “Inspired by Australia’s love for VEGEMITE, the VEGEMITE Villa is a quirky and quintessentially Australian experience like no other. VEGEMITE is a taste all Australians know and love, now is offering world travellers the opportunity to experience Australia’s favourite spread in the most unique manner with the VEGEMITE Villa.

“At, we’re proud to offer our customers unique and unforgettable places to stay all over the world, with more than 6.2 million alternative accommodation options which include holiday homes, apartments and other unique stays available on, there’s something for everyone to discover. We want to continuously delivery on this offer and as such, have created this once in a lifetime experience for our customers.”

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