How to deliver exceptional customer service - Insights

How to deliver exceptional customer service

As an industry we are potentially facing a challenge in the near future, with increasing demands, yet a lack of experienced staff available in the market. We explore the key to delivering exceptional customer service.

We discuss:

    • What is great service?
    • How important is service delivery going to be as markets return?
    • Who stands to benefit the most from great service – the guest or the employee?
    • The most important things for us and our teams to be thinking about whilst coming out of lockdown.
Giles Gordon Smith

Giles Gordon-Smith
Founder & Consultant


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About Penshee

At Penshee we debate little other than service but stand proudly behind the idea that ALL good service should create a POSITIVE SHIFT in the guest’s STATE. Drawing on our vast experience of luxury service and Emotional Intelligence, we help organisations to understand their existing customer experience through The Penshee Report, and to improve it with our Consultancy and Thought Leadership. For more information visit

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