Intercontinental Maldives welcomes new Spa Manager and exciting new visiting practitioners

The InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort welcomes Tati Nurhayati as the new Spa Manager for the award-winning OverwaterTati Nurhayati AVI Spa. With more than 20 years of experience in the Spa and Wellness industry, Tati joins Maamunagau, bringing a wide range of experience along, including appointments within the Maldives, Africa and her home Country, Indonesia.

Passionate about skincare and how skincare affects our wellbeing, Tati also has a vast interest in alternative healing methods as well as a holistic wellness approach: “The skin is the largest organ of a body, and naturally the state of our skin has an impact on our overall wellbeing and life quality. Nowadays, we know that stress, environmental influences, and our diet impact our skin’s health. So, it is only natural to make this a focus of a spa treatment.”

InterContinental Maldives welcomes visiting practitioners throughout the year to enhance their guest experiences and wellness portfolio. In May, the resort welcomes Jing Yang Zhao, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. Jing Yang holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science and Acupuncture and travels around the world to heal patients. She specialises in aiding a variety of conditions, including fatigue and insomnia, digestive and bowel issues, and gynaecological issues, as well as stress relief and wellbeing and balancing the body’s energy. “I am very excited about Jing Yang’s residency in our AVI Spa, not just for our guests to experience her techniques but also for us, the spa team. Every visiting practitioner adds to our portfolio and ultimately enhances the spa journeys for our guests,” states Tati.

During her three months residency, Jing Yang will offer a variety of treatments, including Acupuncture, to address blockages in the body and stimulates organs to help improve their functions. The Chinese Doctor will also offer Guasha treatments and cosmetic Acupuncture in line with the global trend of non-invasive beauty treatments. Additionally, she will also bring her knowledge and practice of Tui Na and Cupping, offering guests a holistic Chinese medicine journey.

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Later in the year, in August, the AVI spa team will be joined by another exciting visiting practitioner, Master Sifu Aniket. Master Sifu embraces the art of healing by observing and balancing the body’s energy along with traditional yoga practice from the Himalayas region, crystal reiki, sound healing and hypnotherapy. With his qualifications also in Hapkido, Taekwondo, and Kung Fu, Master Shifu promises an authentic and holistic guest journey through energy healing, meditation and martial arts.

Guests of the InterContinental Maldives can look forward to many exciting experiences throughout the year, holistic wellness journeys, and spa treatments. The resort’s wellness and recreation team consists of a diverse range of specialists and professionals to ensure guests explore and get to seek their personal way of wellness during their stay. The continuous enhancement and additions to the team and visiting practitioners’ portfolio driven by the newly appointed Spa Manager, Tati, promise an ever-evolving guest experience at AVI Spa.

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