SEO for hoteliers – 2024 and beyond

The ever-changing landscape of SEO keeps hotel marketers on their toes. Here we delve into some pivotal considerations for your 2024 and beyond strategy.

Search platforms have expanded

More generically, search is no longer limited to a single platform – Google. People are turning to various platforms seeking answers to their questions. From TikTok to Instagram and Youtube, more platforms are serving searchers and we should be able to use the content we create across all platforms.

It is however important to tweak the content based on the platform. For instance, YouTube is video-based Pinterest is more image-heavy while a traditional Google search requires more text.

Voice search gaining popularity

Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri are gaining more ground as more people turn to the ease of asking via voice rather than typing out their query. As a result, it is important for hotel marketers to ensure their content is conversational. Using long-tail keywords and mimicing natural speech patterns is suggested.

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Generative AI and algorithmic revolution

Are you surprised? Deep learning models like OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 have revolutionised content generation, helping create compelling blog posts, product descriptions and more.

The power of this technology doesn’t stop at content creation. Based on Natural Learning Processing (NLP), it helps search engines decipher the context of content more accurately. This means search engines can rely on semantics rather than exact keywords. Search is more user-driven and intuitive. For marketers, this means no more keyword stuffing or mechanical backlink building. Good content that answers user queries should form the foundation of your SEO strategy.

Content is king, but context is queen

Mass-produced content is a thing of the past. Your content creation strategy for SEO should focus on unpacking user needs and answering them in-depth. Presenting unique perspectives on things is important. So, the next time you talk up your location or destination, don’t fall back on the same Top 10 things to-do list everyone is producing. Talk about the hidden gems, add fresh videos and photos with captions and add your own unique perspective to the best things to do in your area.

Organic search results page

The Search Engine Results Page is evolving and real estate on it is becoming limited as Paid and Organic continue to battle out for the space.

Featured snippets and rich results will continue to dominate SERPs. Structured data markup will be key in achieving these prime positions. Keep focusing on your page’s content structure, sticking to best practices with tags and easy-to-read content.

Mobile-first indexing maturity


Google’s mobile-first indexing has been in the spotlight for some time, but it will continue to evolve. Mobile page speed, user experience, and responsive design will remain key factors in SEO rankings.

User Experience is important


User Experience (UI) was introduced as a ranking factor by Google some time back. This is set to become more prominent in 2024 and beyond. Websites that load quickly, are easy to navigate and have a seamless user experience are likely to perform better in Google’s eyes. It’s all about the user.


The future of SEO in 2024 and beyond promises to be dynamic. We’re in the midst of another evolution with AI and it can be challenging to create an effective hotel SEO strategy in this state of flux. To stay ahead of the curve and create an effective strategy, you must adapt to these predictions and embrace emerging technologies and trends.


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