7 tips for procuring contractors for a hotel

Procuring Contractors for a HotelHotels have a frequent need for third party contractors to handle a variety of jobs on-site. The issue is that if you don’t go about finding the professionals you need in the right way, it can end in minor disruption at best, or outright disaster at worst.

To avoid even the smallest of dilemmas, take the following tips on procuring contractors onboard, and you’ll keep your hotel running smoothly and avoid any hiccups in the guest experience as well.

Establishing a set of requirements for contractors

First and foremost, having a clear set of requirements is essential. It helps you identify the right contractor with the skills and experience needed, while saving any time you might otherwise have wasted looking in the wrong places.

Take time to think about what qualifications are necessary from start to finish in order for them to carry out their duties effectively, such as valid insurance policies or specific certifications.

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Also consider including other details, like payment terms and timelines, so that all parties are on the same page when discussing project deliverables. This will ensure that both sides understand expectations clearly before signing any agreements.

Understanding the legalities and compliance concerns of working with contractors

The next important thing to bear in mind is that there are legal requirements you must adhere to when you hire contractors to complete work in a hotel.

As part of this, hoteliers must have an understanding of their obligations when bringing third parties onboard, such as ensuring they are legally authorized to work in your country or state. Failing to do so could land you in hot water with regulators, and also damage the reputation of your brand.

You should also be aware of laws governing minimum wages and employment conditions for workers within this industry. This will help ensure the contractor is compliant before signing a contract with them, avoiding unnecessary risks down the line. You’re looking for total transparency here, because without it you might end up exposing yourself to the less scrupulous operators in this sector.

Additionally, consider researching whether any specific licensing is needed for certain types of services offered by contractors at your hotel establishment. That way you know what to ask when you first reach out to prospective partners.

Utilizing your network to find trusted professionals

When it comes to finding reliable and trustworthy contractors for your hotel, utilizing your network can be a great advantage. Reach out to contacts within the hospitality industry that you’ve built relationships with over time, and ask them if they have any recommendations.

If possible, arrange meetings or phone calls so you can get more of an insight into the capabilities of any contractor that’s on your shortlist, and discuss project details further. You could even invite potential contractors for an in-person visit to the site. This will give you a chance to assess how well they communicate, as well as gauge their enthusiasm towards working together on certain tasks.

Comparing quotes and evaluating price vs quality

Weighing up quotes from multiple providers and evaluating the price versus quality of each offer is a good move before you make a commitment. And if a contractor uses an electrical invoicing tool to provide quotes and request payment, you can be confident that they’re diligent about creating a comprehensive paper trail and adhering to the terms of any agreement you strike.

As a rule, don’t only focus on the cheapest quote, but look at how the approach of each competing contractor would benefit you in the long run. By taking time to assess what is being offered by different contractors, this will help ensure you are making an informed decision when selecting a provider that meets your needs best.

Negotiating contracts and ensuring an agreement is fairly reached

Once you’ve identified a contractor that ticks all the boxes, it’s time to negotiate the terms of the contract. As part of this, it’s wise to ensure both parties come away with a fair agreement that suits their needs.

Take time to discuss each point in detail before signing anything, as this ensures all expectations are clearly outlined and understood. Consider having a third party review any contracts prior to them being signed off, as they may spot discrepancies or items which need further discussion.

Researching past projects, experiences and client reviews

You don’t just have to take the word of your industry contacts or the contractor themselves. In fact it often pays to research their past projects, not just to check up on the quality of the work, but to ensure that their abilities and sensibilities align with what you’re looking to achieve.

Don’t be shy about asking potential providers to showcase examples of previous work they have carried out in the industry. Also, look into client reviews from previous customers, which can be found on business profiles such as Yelp or Google My Business. That way you can get more insight into the reliability of an individual contractor or an entire company.

Putting together a checklist for recurring tasks that can be easily assigned

Having a checklist of recurring tasks that can be easily assigned to contractors is an effective way for hoteliers to streamline their operations. This will help ensure all necessary areas are covered and nothing falls through the cracks.

Consider creating lists for each task or project you need assistance with, such as cleaning services or maintenance work. This allows you to dole out certain duties quickly, without having to explain them in detail every time.

It’s also beneficial if you have standard checklists that contractors must adhere to, as this means they are aware of what needs completing before starting any job.

The bottom line

It might feel like procuring contractors for a hotel is a bit of a minefield, but luckily it’s one you can learn to navigate with time and experience. Stick to these tips, and you’ll find that it’s much easier to get to grips with the process of identifying the right professionals to recruit for those all-important jobs that you can’t afford to ignore.

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