Developing a successful corporate hotel program

successful corporate hotel programHoteliers are always looking for the next big move to make their properties stand out from their competitors. It’s time to think beyond rewards programs and room service menus. Management can boost revenue and bookings by developing a successful corporate hotel program.

Corporations are looking for new ways to host meetings and reschedule business trips. They will remain parts of running a successful business. However, going forward, they may be ever more vigilant  about finding the best deals.

These are a few ways to create a successful corporate hotel program and partner with some of the biggest companies in the world.

Offer discounted room rates

Everyone loves a good deal, especially on something they purchase more often than not. Corporations are more likely to choose a particular hotel if they get an extra discount for extended or recurring bookings.

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A corporate program should consider these factors when deciding on a specific deal with a new client. Offer a percentage range for possible discounts to keep room rates flexible until exact dates and potential room blocks are finalized.

Create priority conference bookings

According to recent research, 65% of corporate event planners prioritize a good venue over most other concerns. Possible future events might include training sessions or mass interviews. Granting corporate teams priority access to booking the on-site conference rooms is a critical component of any successful corporate hotel program.

Members could get early access to meeting spaces during the busiest times of the year. They might also sign up for email alerts when conference room calendars open up during dates they select for future events.

Propose retreat opportunities

Businesses with big budgets often give back to their employees. It aids in retention and overall team happiness, especially when executives put together company retreats.

Hoteliers are in the perfect position to coordinate these retreats at luxury properties within the same brand. Those properties should offer amenities that guests can’t find anywhere else.

Group trip planners will prefer luxury villas made for groups and other large-scale, on-site amenities. It minimizes the likelihood of groups accidentally splitting up or overspending on their company card.

Add an exclusive meeting space

Adding an exclusive meeting space is another way to make a corporate hotel program more appealing. Instead of fighting other groups for the one or two public conference rooms, corporate teams that join the program can access a designated, members-only space.

Planning teams might make their events longer or feel confident about inviting more attendees if they know they won’t wait until the last minute to reserve the space they need.

Include on-site amenities

In most cases, corporate travelers won’t want to do much outside their hotel other than attending off-site meetings. They’ll arrive tired from traveling and want to know they’re in good hands. Thoughtful amenities are the best way to broadcast that.

Corporate hotel program amenities go beyond free breakfasts. They’re how hoteliers can reassure partners and guests that they’ll have everything they need without bargaining for more than their booking contract provides.

Program members can get free access to one on-site meal each day. A dry cleaning or laundry discount would appeal to long-term travelers, as well as free airport shuttles or flexible checkout times.

When considering what to add to the program, compare them with popular amenities available to standard guests. Hoteliers can gauge what’s already on-site and what management might add as an incentive.

Work with travel management

Working with travel teams is part of developing a successful corporate hotel program. Listen to their needs and include extra features in potential package deals to sway them from competitors. This collaboration and innovation will lead to long-term partnerships with companies that frequently book rooms and meeting spaces year-round.


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