11 reasons why your hotel needs new hospitality IT solutions in the post-COVID 19 world

COVID 19 has affected the day-to-day life of millions of humans around the globe. Thanks to mitigation and containment measures, humans are now beginning to control the virus spread. Many of the more successful countries in addressing the pandemic in the past few months have banned gatherings of people and implemented lockdowns. Most are still following strict tactics like quarantining of affected zones, punishing containment lawbreakers, etc.

COVID-19 has affected businesses, industries, and disrupted world trade  and movements. Due to the epidemic fright, many industries stopped their production and this has caused employment and revenue loss. Supply chains and distribution channels have also been affected by the fright of the virus spread.

Lockdown of international tourism

The year 2020 was ambitious. But, unfortunately, due to COVID 19, many international events and ceremonies like Summer Olympics, Dubai Expo, T20 World cup, Academy Awards, etc. were canceled and rescheduled to 2021. The present epidemic scenarios indicate that the international tourism economy will see a 60-80% decline.

The US and European countries lifted travel restrictions and took many steps to restore traveller confidence. Fortunately, countries with a high share of domestic travelers are expected to recover more quickly from the pandemic travel fears.

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Many think that applying new health protocols, market diversification, creating clean labels, promotion campaigns, and information apps, etc will build-up traveler confidence. Governments and organizations have to devise comprehensive recovery plans, rebuild destinations, and encourage innovation and investment to re-energize the entire tourism eco-system.

The role of IT in the post-COVID-19 revamp

Technology can play a vital role in the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic. Governments, venture capitalists, academic institutions, incubators, startups, SMEs, etc around the globe are doing their part in creating groundbreaking technologies.

Post-COVID days could be a fresh start for the hospitality and tourism industry at large. Getting a perspective of things likely to shape the foreseeable future is essential for success in the Post-COVID days. Here are 11 reasons why your hospitality business needs a new-gen IT Partner post-COVID-19:

1. Social distancing

Technology can be used in several areas in hospitality to successfully reduce customer interactions by many factors.

2. Customer touchpoints

Futuristic technologies can replace door handles, keys, access cards, service bells, telephones, electric switches, AC and TV remotes, etc.

3. Seamless flow of communication

The latest communication technologies in hotels can replace doormen, service bells, signboards, news-stands, directories, menus, etc, and many other unnecessary interactions.

4. Creating a new brand image

All technology solutions can be updated regularly to top-up with current industry trends and situations. This unique benefit can be used to create clean labels and travel-friendly promotional campaigns.

5. Virtual meeting hotspots

Futuristic hotel technologies enable the hotelier to transform in-room entertainment solutions into virtual meeting hotspots.

6. Concierge services

Post-COVID-19 days bring many opportunities to the new-gen hotelier. You can add or delete the service offerings easily using new-gen tech.

7. Creating a safer environment

Biometric access and authentication tech can be used to monitor the movement of people on the hotel premises. Many such solutions are equipped with thermal scanning, disinfectant spraying mechanisms, special baggage conveyors, etc.

8. Improve traveller confidence

The latest tech can be used to create clean labels and relevant promotional campaigns.

9. Digital register of guests

New technologies enable hoteliers to record important information about their guests. This data can be used in the future to trace identities, link identities, etc.

10. Management of devices and equipment

New technologies can help to properly manage devices and rectify issues remotely. Many such solutions are responsive, customizable, simple, and secure.

11. Manage banquets and conduct events

Technology can be used effectively to manage banquets and conduct clean and safe events and meetings.

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