Spa and hospitality: What does the future look like?

The future for hotel spas may seem a bit uncertain now. As resorts and lodges have had to make many adjustments to keep up with new regulations, it’s apparent that we may never enjoy some experiences as we once did. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a bright future – in fact, many owners are optimistic.

So what could the next year or so look like for spas?

1. Increased cleanliness measures

It’s no surprise that spas continue to adopt new cleanliness methods every day. While sanitation has always been a priority for these businesses, it’s clear that there’s never been such a push for constant sanitization and disinfection. The hospitality industry has faced numerous unique hurdles that other companies haven’t encountered over the past few months. They’ll continue to do so as they reopen.

For example, spas often host water-based activities that require more thorough attention to prevent exposure. We can expect spa staff to take on extra responsibilities when it comes to cleanliness. These steps not only protect customers but also help employees stay safe as they return to work.

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2. Smaller guest experiences

The spa experience may become more personal as spas open their doors. If you plan to take a vacation, you may have to book your spa services weeks beforehand. The same may happen with local businesses. In “normal” times, many spas would receive countless guests on any given day. While people may want to return to their favorite spas immediately, it’s unlikely to be the safest bet for anyone involved.

That’s why some spas may take a more personal approach – especially those who were forced to shut down, as they’ll want to reopen methodically. They may only accept a few customers at a time so that it’s easier to social distance. This method could be a two-for-one for spas and customers since an exclusive experience often makes people want to visit more.

For instance, who wouldn’t want to take a yoga class where the only people are the instructor and two other guests? These personal moments allow further exploration into wellness.

3. More science-backed evidence

These days, people want more and more information about how health-focused remedies benefit them. COVID-19 has pushed us to become more conscious about what we do for our bodies. This urge may translate to spas directly, especially when you consider the treatments they provide. This point isn’t to say that spas haven’t provided evidence to their customers before. It’s that they’ll need to ensure that each experience has the data to back-up its claims.

How does a chakra treatment work? Can cryotherapy boost youthfulness? What does LED light therapy do? These are all questions that guests may ask when they return to their favorite spas. It’s all about transparency from the business itself. If your experiences can help your customers lead fuller, healthier lives, you’ll want to make their benefits clear.

Spas will make a strong return

It may take a little while for spas to find their place, but they’ll be able to overcome the barriers that COVID-19 has created. With a few tweaks, it won’t be long before they return with new ways to navigate this new reality.

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