How to plan your own holiday when you work in the hotel industry

holiday_planningWhen you work in a hotel, you’re used to dealing with the comfort and happiness of guests. Whether you are at the front desk, the hotel manager, or in another important role, the job is so involved with unusual working hours that it’s difficult to plan and take a trip yourself.

However, time off is necessary because working all hours can take its toll. Getting away provides the stress relief and relaxation that’s needed to remain energetic and vibrant in your work role.

Here are some ways to approach travel planning when you’re already swamped in an important hospitality role.

Delegate and train others

If you’re working in a senior role within the hospitality industry such as a hotel, then you have a problem getting cover when you go away. Every hotel chain has its training programs, but usually, they don’t have people to just slot into positions easily when someone is off sick or has gone on an extended break.

If there isn’t someone who is already in place who can take over your role while you’re absent (and another person to step into their role while they do), then it’s necessary to arrange that in advance.


Whether they need to go through the official training program or just be taught some basics to get them through the week or so that you’ll be away, make an early start on that so they can get up to speed before you go.

Also, consider starting to delegate some of your responsibilities to other employees to reduce the strain that your role has both on you and the person who’ll take it over for a time too.

Look for industry discounts

If you work for a large hotel chain and they offer staff discounts when staying at their chain of hotels, take advantage of it – don’t be too proud to take up the offer.

Look for destinations based around where your employer has built hotels so that you can stay there. Pick the place that holds the most appeal – not necessarily the one that is the least expensive though. Leave space for your personal preference while saving money on holiday accommodations.

Don’t create financial stress for yourself

Time away is about de-stressing from the pressure of work. There’s plenty of that within the hotel and hospitality industry as well as unfriendly working hours that at times that can be wearing. You probably need the break!

When you plan to do so, consider what season is best and how soon you need that break from work. Even if you don’t quite have the money together yet, why not take out a loan through a company like SimplePersonalLoans to getaway? They offer loans for individuals at reasonable rates with different repayment periods. This way, you won’t have to delay time off and can repay it when you’re back at work again.

Taking time away when your body tells you that you need it sure beats burning out because you left it too late, especially when you work so hard. You deserve it.

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