How you can drive higher rates for the same room

For hoteliers, it is often a weigh up between being able to charge more for suites, or having more standard rooms that are easier to sell.

But what if you could have the best of both worlds?

Here are 7 design tips that can beautify every room, and make a standard room feel like a suite.

Tech up

Since your target groups are predominantly younger generations of guests, you need to offer them the opportunity to use technology more sophisticated than the one they already have. This includes a touchscreen mirror that doubles as a TV screen and an info board. A mandatory feature for every sweet should be wireless speakers so they can play the songs they like from their smartphone. A stereo surround system will ensure that the bass of their favorite song echoes is heard in all the rooms of the suite. Finally, you could install a computer that will regulate everything from air temperature to remotely locking the front door. Once a guest grabs the remote, luxury will be a mere click away.

Warm and fuzzy

Depending on the climate where your hotel is located, you need to have excellent cooling and heating throughout the years. AC units take care of this issue but you need to offer guests more for the money they are paying you. Think in terms of heated cushions or a fireplace for the ultimate (hot) thrill. Furthermore, the bathroom should feature a towel heater and underfloor heating because stepping out of the shower into a warm room is so pleasurable. Once you wrap a warm towel around yourself, you will feel all fuzzy and tucked-in, which the apex of hospitality services.

A high-end bathroom

Speaking of the bathroom, this is the room where you can do the most to usher a sense of opulence. A walk-in shower with a chromed cabin and a Jacuzzi are additions that won’t cost a fortune but they will be worth a fortune in the eyes of a typical guest. Cool-looking lighting like a multicolored LED strip around the vanity mirror further enhances the décor of the bathroom. If you want to offer your guests a bathroom feature they don’t have at home, then a bidet is an ideal choice.

Bidets are not so popular in the West because of a false stigma that has been following them for centuries. However, in places like Japan and the Middle East, their popularity hasn’t dwindled. This does not come as a surprise when we take into account all the stunning toilet paper facts that simply don’t apply to the bathroom bidet in the suite of your hotel. Not only will guests get the chance to experience using the bidet for the first time in their life (and perhaps decide to get one for their home) but you’ll save money on toilet paper. Who said luxury had to cost big money!

Size matters

A typical hotel room is exactly that: a room, i.e. one room. This is the issue that poor hotel managers lose most guests on because opulence goes hand in hand with size. Easier said than done, many would say and they would be right. Allocating extra rooms is a problem for most hotels, so they need to do work with what they’ve got, i.e. that one room. However, you can still give the impression of a suite if you create a separate sitting area and raise the part of the room where the bed is located.

This trick will make an ordinary hotel room appear stately in size. If you add a high ceiling to the equation, you’ve got yourself a proper suite. Since the room is functionally partitioned and the bed area is elevated, guests will boast to their friends and family that they are staying in “a real suite”. In reality, large indoor space is a sign of luxury that few people can afford back home.

Behind the scenes

A large room with bling inside is not considered a suite until it becomes functional as well. What do we mean by this? Well, imagine you enter the suite, unpack and then what, just leave the bags in the middle of the room or occupy armchairs with it. No, a true suite needs to have every detail figured out, storage included. There could be an inconspicuous drawer under the bed or a special place in the closet. Regardless of the size of the closet, you can always find a designer or a carpenter that will create shelving with empty luggage bags storage in mind. Sometimes luxury has to do more with attention to details than with spending a lot of money.

Stepping outside

A true suite has some sort of an outdoor area, no matter how small it is. When the weather outside is fair, guests will want to drink their morning coffee on the front porch, terrace, patio or balcony so you need to spruce up this area. Features like glass fencing, a fire pit, a fountain or even a bathtub (if you own a walled backyard) will all help add to the level of luxury outside. Install a roof or a shade overhead to place a sofa and cushions outside as well for the ultimate lounging pleasure.

A book before bed

Since business people are the most frequent guests, they are bound to stay up late working on their laptop or going through a financial report. Since suites don’t feature studies (even luxury has its limits), they will use the bed as a provisional office. Although science is against working from bed you still have to create the ideal condition for nighttime reading. Apart from a conveniently placed nightstand, there should strong LED lamps that will be mounted to the wall overhead.

The ideas listed here will help you transform the plainest looking hotel room into a luxury suite. The décor itself will help increase your occupancy rate and your online reviews will hardly be negative ever again.

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