The future of in-room entertainment with Adam Gillespie @ BroadView IP - Insights

The future of in-room entertainment with Adam Gillespie @ BroadView IP

Matthew Stephens talks to Adam Gillespie, Founder of BroadView IP about the future of in-room entertainment in the streaming services era.


* How hotels can increase revenue and revpag (revenue per guest) via in room entertainment services
* The latest innovations in hotel entertainment services that hotels should be aware about
* The biggest IP challenges for hotels

About BroadView IP

Providing scalable video content sales platforms for premium content owners to monetize content on any screen through subscription or transaction for DVB, IPTV, OTT and Hybrid networks, delivering live streaming video over broadband networks to IP enabled STBs and mobile devices.

Supporting premium content producers in distribution services, content aggregation, metadata creation, encoding, distribution, asset management, delivery and marketing support required for broadcast quality video delivery.

Integration with content while harmonizing digital rights management with the consumer experience in multi-screen services. Our technologies employ security standards such as PCI Compliance, DRM, and Verimatrix solutions for video revenue security.



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