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Radisson Hotel Group celebrates Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at inaugural ‘Diversity Week’

Radisson Hotel Group
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With more than 70,000+ team members representing more than 146 nationalities, Radisson Hotel Group launches its first Diversity Week, aligned with this year’s International Women’s Day theme of “Inspire Inclusion”. The aim of “Diversity Week” is to promote diversity in the workplace, foster meaningful conversations about inclusivity and equity in growth opportunities, encourage open dialogue about gender, culture, and minorities, and celebrate the Group’s unique and diverse talent as a leading dynamic and inclusive employer.

As part of Radisson Hotel Group’s ongoing commitment to providing meaningful career moments and advancement possibilities, the Group today kicks off its inaugural Diversity Week. Radisson Hotel Group remains deeply committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming workplace as an equal opportunity employer. With over 1,320 hotels around the world and 15 regional offices, the Group’s integral “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” (DEI) approach is at the core of the company’s business success and culture. The Group’s cultural belief “We are many minds, with one mindset” perfectly encapsulates this celebration of diverse cultures, races, genders, abilities, and generational perspectives.

From 4th to 8th March 2024, Radisson Hotel Group’s Diversity Week will bring together team members from around the world with Radisson Hotel Group leaders and industry experts. Topics will include senior female leaders sharing their personal career journeys, in-depth conversations about programs and trainings to support dynamic career development, how to prevent bias and ensure equity in compensation and benefits, as well as what leaders can do to increase an overall sense of belonging at both the hotel-level and individual-level. During the week, Radisson Hotel Group will also launch its first Employee Resource Groups to give team members the opportunity to engage more actively in DEI. On the final day of Diversity Week, 8th March, the virtual conference will close with a global International Women’s Day celebration.

“At Radisson Hotel Group, we celebrate diversity across all cultures, races, genders, abilities, and generations. We want to continue nurturing a culture of openness, inclusivity, and advancement for all. As the World’s 3rd Best Employer in the Travel & Leisure industry by Forbes, we truly believe that when we inspire team members to understand and value each other´s unique perspectives, we can create a better workplace and ultimately a better world together,” says Iñigo Capell, Executive Vice President & Global Chief People and Resources Officer. As part of its DEI strategy, Radisson Hotel Group remains committed to achieving balanced leadership by supporting more women to take on leadership roles within the company. The Group has set a target of 50% Women in Leadership by 2030. Currently, the leadership of the Group consists of 32% female leaders, including General Managers at the hotel-level and director-level and above at the corporate office-level. This represents a 16 percentage points increase since 2018.

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To achieve this vision, the Group has implemented several key actions. In 2023, Radisson Hotel Group took significant strides towards fostering gender diversity and inclusion. Internally and externally, dedicated talent pools were established, focused specifically on identifying female talent with the potential to grow into leadership roles. Notably, the external talent pool aimed at female General Managers resulted in a 30% increase of external hires for GM positions in 2023 being female, representing an 11% increase compared to the previous year. The Group has also demonstrated its commitment to gender equality by defining transparent career plans with fast tracks in order to ensure a balanced 50% female participation in all development programs and critical training initiatives. The Group recently launched Spotlight, a sponsorship program that gives visibility to female talent across the company by matching them with senior leaders who will support and advocate for them in their career journey.

Furthermore, the Group undertook a comprehensive review of rewards packages and policies, with a dedicated focus on addressing the gender pay gap and cultivating more inclusive working conditions. Additionally, it implemented a progressive parental and maternal coverage policy across all offices, enhancing local government aid to cover approximately 100% of the gross base salary for employees, both men and women. This initiative is designed to provide comprehensive support to employees navigating parental responsibilities.

As Radisson Hotel Group continues to expand globally with the aim of growing the business exponentially, its dedication to being a top employer in the hospitality industry remains steadfast, with plans for further dynamic new career development programs and initiatives, set to be launched in 2024.

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