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IHG’s expansive culinary brand portfolio achieves high-quality growth

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IHG continue to retain their prestigious awards, a recognition of the outstanding performance of the Group’s food and beverage brands and the teams behind them, as well as a testament of IHG’s unchanging dedication to exceptional service. With the upcoming Chinese New Year marking a peak in food and beverage activities, IHG is strategically positioned to showcase its expertise by seamlessly integrating F&B segments within hotels.

“The Black Pearl Guide not only provides a reference for discerning guests, but also serves as an important window into the city’s culinary culture. We are thrilled that the Group’s F&B outlets have been once again included in the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide,” said Mr. Jerome Qiu, Chief Operating Officer of IHG Greater China. “In the current highly competitive food and beverage market, we have overcome many challenges and obstacles to build a unique F&B brand portfolio and garnered strong influence and appeal by leveraging IHG’s nationwide presence to boost the exquisite dining industry. We recognize that standing out in fierce competition necessitates constant innovation and a commitment to elevating quality. Moving forward, we intend to meet the dynamic needs of consumers through enhanced dining experiences, promising to deliver not only surprises but also heightened satisfaction to our guests.”

An Upgrade to Exquisite Culinary Brand Portfolio

Embracing the concept of eating locally and seasonally, food and beverages always serve as a two-way link, strengthening regional interactions and consumer integration between different regions. In the Chinese market, IHG has always insisted on taking the needs of Chinese guests as a guide, with fine dining as the pillar, marrying Chinese culinary culture with modern dining concepts to build a rich and diversified F&B brand portfolio.

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As a significant member of IHG’s Food and Beverage network, “Cai Feng Lou” stands out as the fastest-growing Chinese restaurant brand, boasting over 55 outlets nationwide in the past ten years. Recently upgraded to Cai Feng Lou 2.0, the brand not only focuses on innovating its dishes but also upholds unique standards in services, ambiance, and more. This upgrade aims to provide guests with a comprehensive sensory experience, creating beautiful memories. The brand consistently embodies its cultural theme of “The Colorful Phoenix Brings Auspicious,” with an elite team of chefs showcasing their distinctive Cantonese culinary skills. They bring together the finest culinary traditions from around the world, offering guests a diverse and exceptional dining experience.

  • Cai Feng Lou Executive Chef Sean Xiao, boasting 18 years of experience in Cantonese cuisine, has been delighting guests at Cai Feng Lou of HUALUXE Xi’an Tanghua, consistently awarded One Diamond by the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide for three consecutive years. Housed in a neo-Tang Dynasty-style building, the restaurant seamlessly blends warm, nostalgic Chinese styles with modern and contemporary flavors. From the exquisite menu to high-quality personalized service, Chef Xiao creates unforgettable dining experiences. Cai Feng Lou at HUALUXE Xi’an Tanghua has gained renown within the industry, earning recognition from experts in the field.

Meanwhile, the “Fu Lin” brand launched in 2023 has a brand strategy built on guests’ insights. Centered around four main banquet scenarios, Fu Lin aims to create a unique, localized dining system to provide the ideal choice for entertaining local guests. While the modern dining brand “Char” places the focus on perfecting details through the enhancement of the flavor of beef by infusing Chinese and Western elements. IHG boasts a diverse and complementary portfolio of F&B brands, offering product variety to the culinary industry and the Chinese gastronomic landscape.

Quality Dining Takes Center Stage with Expanded Diverse Offerings

According to Meituan 2024 Fine Dining Report, the top five dimensions mentioned by consumers of fine dining are as follows: taste and texture (82%), service attitude (61%), and environment and atmosphere (51%). These data indicate that Chinese consumers place a high value on quality, with taste being paramount, while also emphasizing the importance of service and atmosphere, a shift that has led the catering industry to evolve towards greater sophistication and differentiation. Based on detailed market segmentation, IHG’s uniquely positioned F&B outlets can meet the diverse demands of its guests. Among them, in the 2024 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide:

  • Under the leadership of Chinese restaurant Executive Chef William Wang, the Shang Tao Chinese Restaurant at InterContinental Kunming has once again received One Diamond awards from the 2024 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide for the sixth consecutive year. With an elegant and atmospheric dining environment, inspired by Chef Wang’s commitment to “doing better,” the restaurant ensures that every guest experiences a comfortable and distinctive dining journey, showcasing the charm and culture of Yunnan cuisine.
  • Executive Chef Lau You Fai and Head Chef Cheng Man Sang have collaborated for thirty years, inheriting the art of Cantonese cuisine. Lai Ching Heen, the Chinese restaurant specializing in Cantonese cuisine at Regent Hong Kong, has consistently been awarded Two Diamonds by the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide for seven consecutive years. The restaurant has crafted exquisite Cantonese culinary treasures and a variety of signature dishes. From the jade-trimmed interior design to the gem-like delicacies, it stands as one of the globally acclaimed Cantonese restaurants.
  • Under the leadership of Executive Sous Chef Roy Pan, boasting over 26 years of experience in the culinary industry, Robin’s Grill and Teppanyaki at Regent Chongqing stands as the only Western restaurant in the city listed in the Black Pearl Restaurant GuideIt has consistently earned One Diamond for four consecutive years. The restaurant, renowned for its sizzling Teppanyaki and charcoal-grilled steaks, offers guests a bespoke chef’s table, providing an unforgettable dining experience.

Festive Dining Tailoring to Consumer Desires

With the festive season approaching, IHG responds to the growing consumer demand with unique and differentiated F&B offerings, crafting a delightful and delicious dining experience for New Year celebrations. A special festive dining campaign was recently launched centered around three main themes: year-end party, private gathering, and family reunion. Unlike traditional parties and gatherings, IHG offers one-stop services and entertainment for guests of all ages. In anticipation of the upcoming Chinese New Year, Cai Feng Lou has also unveiled its 2024 Chinese New Year Celebration Menu, where ten master chefs join hands to create a culinary extravaganza featuring ten flavors in ten cities to welcome the most wonderful time of the year. Additionally, from January 16 to February 25 at Lai Ching Heen, Regent Hong Kong, guests can savor a spectacular Lunar New Year Fireworks Menu or a six-course Lunar New Year Fat Choy Menu meticulously prepared by Executive Chef Lau You Fai and Head Chef Cheng Man Sang. Crafted with the finest ingredients and exquisite Cantonese culinary skills, these menus aim to create an auspicious Chinese banquet to ring in the Chinese New Year.

The booming development of the hospitality industry fuels the continuous improvement of service in the tourism industry, where food and beverage play a key role in travelers’ experience. Leveraging its extensive network and rich experience, IHG will continue its expansion in the fine dining market to offer trusted and culturally-inspired restaurants in more destinations, further promoting the connection between food and culture.

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