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eHotelier and HFTP release the Hospitality Technology Innovations report

Hospitality Technology Innovations Report ImageIn collaboration with over 130 leading hospitality technology solutions providers, we are thrilled to announce the release of our comprehensive report, “Hospitality Technology Innovations.” Created in partnership with HFTP, this groundbreaking report provides an in-depth look into the future of hotel technology and its role in addressing the current skills shortages within the hotel industry.

The report is the culmination of insights from global leaders in hospitality solutions, providing a clear and detailed vision of the future of hotel technology. It highlights the latest developments, trends, and future innovations, offering guidance on how these technological advancements support hotel groups and hospitality organisations in exceeding guest expectations and maximising profitability.

Matthew Stephens, Managing Director of eHotelier says, “This report highlights the power of innovation to solve the pressing issues we face in our industry. It offers not just insights but actionable solutions for hoteliers to stay ahead of the curve.”

Featuring exclusive interviews with industry leaders and consultants, the report offers a unique perspective on the future of hotel technology. It includes specific commentary from over 130 leading hotel technology suppliers and provides clear examples of how technology can solve current and future challenges, combat skills shortages, and meet guests’ expectations for innovative self-service technologies.

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We are confident this report is a must-read for all hoteliers looking to leverage technology to tackle current and future challenges. It will particularly interest hotel managers, owners, leaders, professionals, educators, and students keen on understanding and implementing the latest hospitality technology innovations.

“This report aims to provide a comprehensive guide highlighting technology’s transformative power in the hospitality industry. We are excited to be at the forefront of these developments and to share this knowledge with the broader industry,” said Matthew Stephens, Managing Director at eHotelier.

Access the report here.

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