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Leading travel service provider Group today announced that it would strengthen collaborations with its stakeholders to promote

Koichi Wada, Commissioner Japan Tourism Agency (3rd from the left) and Sun Bo, Chief Marketing Officer of Group (4th from the left)

and position Japan as a destination in a post-Covid environment. Group Chief Marketing Officer Sun Bo met with Koichi Wada, Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency last Friday, and shared that Japan has consistently been ranked among the top five destinations (in terms of bookings and search volumes) since it eased its entry restrictions in the last quarter of 2022.

Mr Wada said, “There are various attractions in Japanese local areas, so I would like you to visit them. Every traveller will be able to enjoy not only Japanese cuisine, but also other variety of activities. We are waiting for customers from China.”

Mr Sun Bo said: “Japan has always been a top destination for leisure and business travellers, and our data showed that there exists a strong demand among international travellers from various markets, including the Chinese mainland, Singapore and Thailand. I am therefore delighted to meet Mr Wada and have told him how Group will further promote tourism to destinations around the world, including Japan. Travellers’ trends and preferences have shifted as a result of the pandemic, and we are ready to work with Japan Tourism Agency and other partners to promote Japan to our travellers through a targeted strategy.”

As part of its ongoing efforts to promote various destinations, Group hosted its third edition of the Super World Trip at Sanrio Puroland in Tama City, Tokyo, on 1 March 2023. With the support of its partner JR Kyushu, it promoted Japan as a special tourist destination, offering a variety of scenery, heritage attractions, entertainment and culinary experiences during the live-streamed sessions. Hosted by Group Vice President Sun Tianxu, the live stream generated a gross merchandise value (GMV) of close to RMB 23 million (or JPY 455 million), with more than 22,000 room nights booked during the session.

Since its launch in March 2020, the “BOSS Live” series of live stream sessions, an initiative led by Mr James Liang, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Group, has generated a cumulative transaction volume of more than USD 1.48 billion and attracted a total audience of over 1 billion global viewers.

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