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Paris hotels reached 2019 profitability level in March

Among key hotel markets in Europe, Paris was the only one to achieve gross operating profit per available room (GOPPAR) that was 100% of the 2019 comparable, according to STR‘s March 2022 P&L data release. 

After two consecutive months with negative levels, due largely to the impacts of the omicron variant, Paris posted a March GOPPAR of US$117.26.

Also reporting significant month-over-month improvement, London posted a March GOPPAR of US$90.82. That level was 87% of the pre-pandemic comparable after the market had reached just 38% using the same comparison in February. Amsterdam’s GOPPAR was 68% of the 2019 comparable, up from -31% in February. In addition, both London and Amsterdam saw their highest GOPPAR levels since December 2019.

While improved, Berlin’s GOPPAR remained in negative territory for a third straight month. Moscow was the only key market in Europe to show lower profitability from the prior month.

Key profitability metrics:
TRevPAR – Total revenue per available room
GOPPAR – Gross operating profit per available room
EBITDA – Earnings before interest, income tax, depreciation, and amortization
LPAR – Total labor costs per available room

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