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New Coronavirus poll Finds 66% unlikely to cancel vacation

The news of coronavirus grabs headlines daily, as it spreads into new countries weekly.

But how much of an effect will this have on travel? 

A new survey from shows mixed responses from those polled, depending on whether the travel is for leisure or business.

When asked “How likely are you to cancel an upcoming vacation because of the coronavirus threat?”, 66% responded not likely, while 16% responded somewhat likely, and just 18% said very likely.

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Coronavirus survey

More than 95,000 have been infected in over 80 countries, yet China is still the most infected region. With over 3,000 deaths in China, the heart of the outbreak continues to be the core problem area for the virus. 268 deaths have occurred outside of mainland China so far, in Iran, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, and South Korea.

The C.D.C is recommending avoiding non-essential travel in just four countries, according to the New York Times. While the threat of the virus occupies mindspace, there may be an overreaction in canceling travel beyond those four countries.

For eHotelier Insights readers, the impact on the travel industry globally is a primary concern. While the survey polled a general audience, it may indicate where consumer decisions may influence spring and summer travel.

Coronavirus survey

These results show that 64% believe the travel industry will be hurt globally by the coronavirus. Whether these perceptions will play out is still up in the air, but we know that past epidemics have caused double-digit declines in travel and revenue.

The travel industry will be facing some tough times in the coming months as the perceived and real impact of the coronavirus disrupts global travel. In her recent article, Limin Cheng gives helpful advice and best practices for revenue managers to respond to the coronavirus. 

View full results of the survey here.

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